Thursday, September 24, 2015


After nearly a month which started with hopping around from family's homes..
"Tibical" cookie decorating session a beautifully glamorous wedding in Santa Barbara for one of my best home girls....
 a less-than-pleasant week long stay with the dead beats at the Red Roof Inn on Route 1 in Lawrence, NJ..

eye....won't...stop...twitching... a quick weekend in DC for my sister's slip n' slide-themed baby "sprinkle"....

...Followed by another week+ stay at the Holiday Inn Express, where life wasn't so bad because, hey, at least we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but even so after a week of batting the cleaning lady away so I could get some peace and quiet "working from home" in room 115, the farthest room from the front door, I could no longer take her dirty looks when she would not accept that "NO I WOULD NOT LIKE THE ROOM CLEANED TODAY, THANK YOU, GOTTA GO, ON A CALL, GOOD-BYE."  

Although on second thought, maybe we should have gotten the room cleaned, because what the heck are these bites on my leg?! They were not there last night..Hmmm.... uhh....


Leave it to the Dr. to inspect we are finally living in a home that we actually own!!! (well we own a very small percent of it, but still!).

Along with all the stresses from months of house hunting, preceded by months of grueling job-searching and followed up by boxing up all our belongings, saying good-bye to good friends and neighbors, hiring movers, finding professional cleaners, finding temporary housing, driving a huge u-haul truck over the George Washington bridge, finding temporary storage, buying a car, dealing with lawyers, sellers, real estate agents, septic inspections, electrical repairs and the like, all while "working from an always changing home,".... I was also pretty stressed out about what would be our first new-home-owners photo.  It had to be good... blog-worthy!  I really, really wanted our first picture of our first legally-owned home to be of me in some daisy dukes, an american flag tank top and a coon-skin cap sitting on a John Deere tractro and Trevor with a plaid shirt and cowboy hat waving an American flag high... picture it now!

I was super grateful to find said American flag for sale at the Stop and Shop grocery store immediately after leaving the lawyers office after closing on the house and thought YES! it is a sign! Picture. Blog. Announcement. Boom!

Well it was a sign alright.. a sign that it is almost September 11th.  I got home and took a closer look at the flag and was disappointed (in a very mad then sad way) to find out that the flag is no ordinary American flag....but a 9-11 memorial flag...  with instead of white stars shining bright and proud, gray silhouettes of the towers are pictured as they once stood before thousands of Americans were murdered in the worst American tragedy of my time. And as much as I whole heartedly support America and its battle against terrorism, and I will absolutely never forget the events that took place during my first week of college life... I refuse to connect our first homeowners picture with such a sad, sad day....

And now what the heck am I going to do with this flag?  I feel too bad and guilty to try returning it.  I feel super weird trying to give it to someone. I don't really want to hang it up... So it is in the garage.  But hey, at least WE HAVE A GARAGE!

So we still haven't taken a new home owners photo, but perhaps we will soon when I have an even better idea and can manage to not screw it up!

In the meantime, here are some pics from the journey:
Saying good-bye is the worst!

so long 1137 Mass Ave.

Thanks for the memories!

Will miss the Donkey show crowd and proximity to Dunkin donuts!

Last time in a dirty coin-op laundry basement! Will not miss you!

Our beautiful little apartment

Key word: little

Let's get a move on!

Buy a car...check!

Anyway, I have been too busy to blog what with all the new exploring and experiments we have been doing in the new house... attempting to answer all the fun new scientific questions that come with owning a home like: What's this switch do? Where do you think that mark come from? What's this thing for?  Why's this making that noise? Is it supposed to work like that? Who should we call to fix that?  Is that still alive? And my personal favorite: What's that smell?

Another favorite... how do we keep these out of the house?

Trevor's new favorite treasure is a little, left-behind piece of gym equipment, which I took one look at and immediately thought "Oh hell no! that is going straight in the trash!".... But Trevor has a very unique talent for always seeing the good in things... He climbed right up on it, and gave it a try... I nearly peed my pants with laughter...Ok, ok! we can keep it!....for the nieces and nephews!... but it's staying in the basement.

Now that we are "settled" we have started a bit of decorating:


However, we have also kept some of the home's "original" charm... The previous owners were quite fond of the feline ....

Now we are all ready for our new nephew, Carstens, to come visit!