Friday, June 29, 2012

Another Jersey Wedding, Yet Again...

The week after Jimmy and Sally came to visit Trevor and I flew back to NJ for another wedding (what else is new).  This wedding was for Trevor's sister Lexine and her new hubby Bryan.  I didn't take the best pictures form this trip, but many more professional photos can be found HERE.

Lexine and Aunt Bridgie

Gwen and Uncle Trevor

Papa Ron giving Eliza a photography lesson

Gwen and the snake
Ollie and Trevor getting ready for the bus

At the rehearsal dinner
Oliver and Damian
Trevor performing his groomsman duties
hitching a ride on the groomsmen bus


who invited this one?



The babies


The morning after

Later in the day we went to my mom's birthday party

and later in the week I went out to Brooklyn to visit my Grandma Rita

One day Trevor and I went with Bevin and John into NYC to get some maps at the library:

We ended up running into cousins Robbue and Tiff! 

Small world.

We also ran into traffic:

I also found this gem tucked away in my mom's desk from circa 1997:
That shirt glows in the dark (I know you're jealous!)

Monday, June 25, 2012

When Jimmy Met Sally

Hey, remember me?  I'm your friendly, neighborhood blogologist....

I'd look awesome with short hair
Oh Santa Barbara...

Well I've been playing Suzie-slacker lately, so let's catch up from 5 weeks ago...

Weekend 1:  Jimmy and Sally descended from the Santa Cruz Snail House for a lovely visit in Santa Barbara.

Jimmy and Sally

Silly and Jammy

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Sally, who lived in a barn in Georgia and liked to make dresses.

2,000 miles away lived a boy named Jimmy who liked sticks and fish, but not fish sticks.

One day Jimmy was on catching up with old friends and searching for some new tunes. He stumbled across Sally's page.

Impressed by her natural beauty and fine taste for music, he approached her (via a myspace message).

An unsuspecting Sally, surprised by the unprovoked  comment from a complete stranger  soon realized....she liked his music too.

The two started e-mailing.

Then they started texting.
Then they started talking on the phone.

The first time they met in person was when Jimmy drove to Sally's Georgia barn to pick her up and drive her across the country to beautiful California, the land of hopes and dreams.
By the time they reached the continental divide...
They were in LOVE.
Yes, that mushy gushy kind of love that makes you want to vomit...

Alright, get outta here you two, there are kids reading!
And they lived happily ever after...

In a house shaped like a snail.


The End.

(To be continued....)