Sunday, October 23, 2011


I finally cut my hair.  After helping a friend move and getting my hair knotted up in a net of duct tape, I decided it was time to go.  I walked right in to the local super cuts comparable, walk-in's welcome hair salon and said chop it.  The hair stylist took one look at me and said "Ok, but can I ask you one question first....... Are you going to mind looking 10 years younger?!"  This is supposed to pump me up....  But I am really thinking...what are you saying I look old? Why should I want to look 10 years younger?  Are you going to make me look like a child?  No I don't mind looking younger lady, but I'm not trying to look younger, I'm just trying to get a dang hair cut, jeepers creepers lady just cut my hair.  I immediately regret my decision as she starts chopping.  Hair stylists can be so awkward.  That's probably why I never go (unless it's to my BFF Heather in NJ).  45 minutes of letting someone touch your head, chop off your hair while you have to sit there and make small talk.  Well the small talk wasn't going too well so I just sat there silently which I think made the lady uncomfortable because she just kept coming up with awkward questions..... "Can I ask you something..Can I ask you something?!  Are you going to mind looking super SEXY?! !! Cause ya' know I can't control what happens to you once you leave this salon... I'm just saying!".... You're just saying what, lady?  You're saying that this hair cut is going to increase my chances of being sexually harassed on the streets?  Is that what you're saying?  Please....Shhhhhhh  just cut my hair ....

She did a pretty good job despite her weirdo-isms.

That was 4 weekends ago.

3 weekends ago Jimmy, Sally, and Joe Joe  came to visit.  We took them around some tourist parts of Santa Barbara:
Sally got me a matching hat for my birthday, Thanks Sally!

Joe Joe likes it

He  was framed

Sally and I went to Susie's Deals and bought matching sweaters


they love each other

and they love Joe Joe too!

then we got tacos

and went out for drinks

Even though it looks like we went out and did a lot of sunny things in SB,  the majority of the weekend with Jimmy, Sally, and Joe Joe was spent watching youtube videos in the garage apartment.  Here are a few of our favorites:

This particular video ended our 5 hour video streak:

Time to get a life....

The next weekend we went camping with friends.  I had had a very stressful week leading up to it.  I was completely exhausted.  I was in a slightly bad mood because I didn't want to sleep in the small tent (we still haven't gotten our large tent poles back from our friend) and I never really get that much sleep anyway when camping and  already felt sleep deprived.  I'm trying to set the stage for saying I had a miserable time.  Overall it was a good trip, good times spent with good friends, however I was having my own personal, internal struggles....  Saturday night I was attacked by the worst menstrual cramps imaginable (TMI I know) and slept not a wink.  In the morning, Trevor made me bluberry pancakes, which was very nice and I was feeling better and then a bee crawled it's way up my pant leg and stung me about as high up on my inner thigh as it possibly could with it still being considered my inner thigh....  It sucked.  It hurt.  It stung. It burned.  I took 2 benadryl and then tried to go for a hike... Needlesss to say with no sleep, a bee sting to the crotch, and an overdose of allergy medicine... I didn't make it very far or for very long.... But I suppose things could always be worse....

Trevor and Nate scaling the rock face

Creekin' it up

who wants seconds?

A&A and Miles

Trevor's favorite chair

the gang

The following weekend was slightly more relaxing.  We went up to the snail house to hang out with Jimmy and Sally and Joe Joe.  Kevin and Serena also came by.  We had band practice and a beach picnic and all in all it was nice and lazy...

Triscuit commercial

Colin J was there

Oh My Darling Clementine duet...followed by Shots shots shot shot shot shots shots shot shot...

We played the box game:

The next morning we hung at the snail and had a lesson from Uncle Jimmy:

This weekend, we finally had nothing to do.  After sleeping in Saturday morning we spent a few hours watching music videos from the 1990s including: Boyz II Men, Oasis, Sound Garden, Blind Melon, Alannis Morrisette, REM, Smashing Pumpkins etc. etc. etc.  We followed up with a couple more youtube videos before starting a weekend full of chores...