Monday, December 17, 2012

Grab a Light Jacket, Quick!

Christmas is coming.  You know what else is coming?  My favorite day.... the darkest day of the year.  After which every day gets a little brighter and brighter, and I stay off the couch for a little longer and longer.

Christmas is a little bit different out in California.  The main difference you may wonder?  It's not freezing cold out.  In California "freezing cold" means the daily high barely reaches 62 degrees and it's cloudy and sometimes [gasp] misty (almost drizzling... almost).  I have been here long enough that I too believe I am freezing my bunions off once the thermometer reaches 59...

This past week I have had the following conversation about the winter weather in Southern California:

Conversationist #1:  "It's getting sooo cold out!  I had to close my windows last night...AND turn on the heat!"

Conversationist #2:  "I know, it's crazy!  The other day I was walking to the bus stop in a t-shirt and jeans and the wind was blowing and I thought I should have brought a sweatshirt today!"

Conversationist #3: "Ya, I thought the same thing.  I was walking between classes and I was so cold, I had to put my hood on!"

It's rough here, folks.... you wouldn't understand...


Day 3: The O'Grady Offspring Unleashed

Day 3 at the O'Grady house consisted of:

   1) pictures  (Warning:  Brace yourself for over 100 photos in this post alone...)
   2) trumpets
   3) chasing babies inside
   4) chasing babies outside
   5) a visit from my Dad, Step-mom and brothers
   6) hiding things in bushes
   7) more chasing babies

Elyse prepping Eliza for the photo shoot

Lex, Persephone and Gwendolyn

It was pretty difficult to get a good shot of all 4 kids looking in the same direction, so I'll show you all of them:
The nieces

phantom hand

if only that flower were a little smaller..

Persephone starting to droop





adult help needed

No more picture! Time to wrestle!

Time to run









the tackler

he's gonna get you

he got you!

Look! Uncle Trev has a ball!

tunnel time in the corner

The "Kid Relaxing Club" as Gwen named it.  No adults allowed. 

The Music Men

Banana break

Time to run around outside

chase the ball

chase the ball

walk your uncle

play with horseshoes

play with hats

what is this?

Princess Eliza




good thinking

chicken race time

everyone's doing it

Now dance:  (Also pay close attention to Trev's giggles)


Playing with the garden gnome

Persie,  Your Godfather will always be watching over your shoulder...

Attempt # 2 at getting all 4 kids looking at the camera in one nice shot
Gwen stretching

Eliza doesn't like the sun

I think Oliver really did fall asleep

OK maybe another time


Truck time with the boys

Persephone doing what she does best, chilling like a baby.

Arrive Erickson Boys!
More tag!

Sammy have a little crush?...

I think so.....

Tag! Looks like they both missed

Matt giving Sam advice on how to talk to ladies.

hide and go seek

No peaking!

Me and my brothers <3



The sisters

The Godfather