Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wedding # 2

Me, Mom, Colleen, Bridget, & Nancy
July 2nd 2010 NJ wedding.  The Bride (Steph) is a close family friend.  Our moms are best friends.  Growing up Steph and I  memorized every single line to Wayne's World.  I'd be Wayne, Steph would be Garth.  It was our Halloween costume in 5th or 6th grade. My sisters and I all worked for the Steph's mom, Patty, at some point in our lives.  My older sisters were involved in the meeting of bride and groom.

NJ wedding in the summer = hot + humid

Hanging in the shade:
The older sisters and their boys
Melting in the sun...Colleen & her date =)

Couple of the Year

Mother of the Bride

the bride and groom:

more sisters shots:
youngest ---> oldest

and the lucky bachelors :
Trevor, Josh, & Jesse

 Dance party

 more dancing

hey you got a banana?

I'm a bird

momma and the blondes:

momma and the brats:

middle children

Christmas card material

the soon-to-be-newly weds...
aren't you so excited?!

the angel child and her boo....

the dateless baby......

party time

We are HAPPY:

Future in-law..... we are not blood related

slow dancing...or sleeping?

 Runner-up Favorite Shot of the Night....

 Favorite Shot of the Night: these guys know how to party!!!

The Garth to my Wayne:


Nancy said...

These crack me up.

Bridget said...

hysterical captions!

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