Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Can You Help Trova Eckerson?

Trevor is signed up for a savings card at CVS. It's the same thing as a grocery store savings card. When Trevor signed up for it he didn't have to fill out any paperwork. He just gave the cashier his name and number. The clerk misunderstood. Now all his CVS receipts say Trova Grady.

I signed up for a grocery store savings card at Vons. I always go to the same cashier if I can help it.... The one, the only, wild-eyed Benny. This guy has the biggest eyes and biggest mouth I've ever seen. He always cards me for buying alcohol saying he doesn't remember seeing me here before. Before handing me the receipt he checks the name and says, "thank you Miss Eckerson.". He never fails...

Although when Trevor checked out with Benny using my number Benny replied "Thank you Mr. Erickson."

I bought my first groupon to a yoga studio that is way too advanced for me. Plus it's hot...too hot. I have one month of unlimited classes and have been trying to go as much as possible. In one class I noticed a familiar face in the back of the room, this guy Ryan. Ryan went to the same masters program as Trevor. The first time I met Ryan was on Halloween... He was dressed up like Pee Wee Herman....and so was I. Although he was more of the cool, movie star double Pee Wee Herman... I was more if the real deal.

I came home from yoga and said to Trev, "you'll never guess who was in my yoga class today...". He says, "who?" I say, "pee wee Herman!". (it's not uncommon for ms to call Ryan Pee Wee Herman because I didn't even learn the guys real name until a year or so later.)

Trevor's eyes light up... "NO F@#¥ing WAY!"

I realize immediately I have led him astray...No not the Pee Wee your thinking of...

Since coming home from the weekend in New Jersey I have been sick for weeks with the cold from hell. Trevor and I decide to get a keg of wheat beer and an Entemann's cheese Danish cake with the coffee crumbs and powdered sugar on top.

Beer + cake + Conan O'Brien reruns + couch = Trulie Date Night

Christmas is comin up heh? Looking for a present for a special someone....Forever lazy.. Just saying.... I want one!

I bought my first breast pump last weekend. A friend of mine was having a baby shower and I went out shopping without Trevor (bad idea). When I go shopping with Trevor I know the longer I take, the antsier he'll get, giving me more incentive to get in, get out, and get on with my life. Plus he's good at helping me make meaningless decisions... Baby rattle or baby blanket? I don't know!! I'm shopping for baby stuff and pick out some cute baby accessories ... a blanket, some pacifiers, a sock monkey, a baby santa claus outfit. I'm on a roll. Then i figure I better check the registry. It has all these necessary baby items like cribs and strollers and breast pumps and I'm thinking maybe I should get them something useful that they need and not just cute little things? I found the cheapest of the useful things that hasn't been purchased yet, an $80 double breast pump. I put it in my cart with everything else. Now I can't decide if I should buy lots of cute little things or one expensive breast pump? I do want to get them something useful but I don't just want to give them a breast pump. I'm thinking what would Trevor do? At this point I've been walking around K-Mart for close to two hours trying to make up my crazy mind. If Trevor was here he'd probably say just get everything and get out of I do. $140 later I am slightly freaking out that I spent so much money on one unborn baby! What have I done? Surely once I explain to Trevor about how indecisive I was and how its nice to give people useful things plus nice fun accessories he will reassure me that my supermarket sweep on the K-Mart baby aisle was the right thing to do. I come home. Show him the presents. I tell him How much I spent on the breast pump. He shrugs. "Eh well you can always return the pump if you want to.." That night I can't sleep. The baby shower is the next day. I stop by K-Mart on the way over and return the damn pump. Relief.


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