Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This Blog is Like This Title...Not All That Funny...Probably Too Long.....But You'll Read It Till the End, Won't You?

I really thought this past year was a bust... What did I even do with myself for the last 12 months?!   I sat on the couch a lot...I watched TV a lot... I complained about my job a lot....I worked out not a lot... overall I didn't do too much.... Then I started looking through pictures from 2012, and maybe I wasn't as boring and lazy as I thought I was.  Time flies until you actually look back at dated pictures.

In 2012, I made:
  • 5 trips to NJ
  • 2 trips to Florida
  • 2 trips to Chicago
  • 1 trip to Scotland
  • 1 trip to Germany
  • 1 trip to Rochester
  • 1 trip to Canada 
  • I lived in Montana for 3 months
  • I attended 4 weddings
  • and was in the house while my friend was birthing her baby upstairs (true story)
I heard his first cry...the baby, not the Dad

 Here is the highlight reel:

January 2012 ringing in the new year on the ostrich farm
Trevor's conference in Chicago where he was getting a taste for the job market

January 2012 the bean

Me and Marie at the bean

February 2012 I found a stray dog

Lloyd and Amy's wedding; Newark, NJ Feb. 2012

February 2012 Edinburgh, Scotland

Loch Ness, Scotland

Feb 2012 Frankfurt, Germany with Robert Becker


March 2012 Laura K. came to visit!

March 2012, In Florida for Nancy's 30th

snailhouse buds

fly much?

May 2012 New Jersey for Dolan's wedding

June 2012 New Jersey for Lexine's wedding

Hanging with Gwen

June 2012 Florida for family reunion

June 2012, Crater Lake, Oregon...on the way to Montana

June 2012-September 2012 Life in Montana

The library where I worked from home

The bears that haunted my dreams

The cabin where the haunted dreams happened

Music on Main
Skakespeare in the Park

Yellowstone National Park:

Summer 2012, we watched friend and fellow Rutgers alumn, Julie Culley, qualify for and run in the Summer Olympics

4th of July at the rodeo:

July 2012 slipped a rib

July 2012 Lewis and Clark Caverns
Lewis and Clark Caverns

Summer 2012 Hanging with Boscoe

Trevor's summer office

August 2012 A visit from the South Dakotans

August 2012 hiking

August 2012 Back to NJ

Aug 2012 Matt and Renata get married!

My last catch

Aug 2012 Kevin comes to visit!

Aug 2012 Lexine and Brian come to visit

Aug 26 It's official

Aug 2012 Mom comes to visit

Sept 2012 we head for home passing through Leavenworth, WA

Sept 2012 Meet Ginger's newest family members in Seattle

Sept 2012 Stop by the other Ericksons' place

Sept 2012 more friend stops in Seattle

Sept 2012 Sequoia National Park

Then more friends in Sacramento

and more friends in San Francisco

and good-bye to friends in LA...
...(or more like 'see ya later dudes')...

and hello to wedding dresses....
throw in some camping...

...then the worst storm ever...

....followed by the best Thanksgiving ever...

...add some knitted hats...

...more hats...

...more engagements....

Then the holidays......!!!!

And before you know what hit you... BAM it's a new year!!!  Thank goodness because after last year, I think I need a break....  I don't feel so guilty about sitting on the couch after reading that blog post.  You shouldn't either. 


Mary Ellen said...

You are one lucky woman Ju! Love the pix.

Breanna said...

OH my god, I am exhausted. How do you do it!? I think you may travel to more places and more weddings than anyone I know!

Bridget said...

What a year! Great pics!!

ashescs said...

Looks like 2012 was definitely a fantastic year! And seriously - you traveled a ton! Hope to see you soon on one of your next adventures.

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