Monday, October 14, 2013

Photo Contest, Part I

Ladies and germs, before I go any further re-hashing all the events that lead up to my favorite party of this century, I would like to first, before you all lose interest, announce the photo contest winners for those of you who may or may not have known there was even a photo contest at all.  The photos below were all chosen subjectively by Julie with no real criteria other than "I like them."

Today's winners consist of our photographer Serena (no surprise there), our instagrammer Kevin (who changed his name to trulietrevin for the competition so we sort of had to give him a prize), our good friend Renata, pals Alison & Ammaron, sister Colleen, and my Dad.  Did I miss anyone?

Here they are in no particular order:

Best Photo Collage:
Compliments of my co-worker, Ivy, putting together photos taken by the one and only Serena Renner

Best rehearsal shots:

Best shot of giggly E-man:
He is very ticklish

Best cookie shot:
They were delicious, thank you Tibby!

Best Dad shot:

Best shot of Georgie:

Best shots of Trevor getting ready:

Both of the above are compliments of the best second third wheel, Kevin:
Thank you Kevin!

Best shots of Julie getting ready:

Thank you Colleen

Thank you Serena


More to come....


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Yay, new photos!

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