Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Google Ga-Ga

I recently signed up for a google voice number so I can call people for free over the internet (you should do it too, and google should pay me for saying that).  Google voice has a great feature where if someone leaves you a voicemail, google will write down what it thinks the person is saying and send it you you in an e-mail.  This is about how well it works...

Trevor's voicemail:"If you own server. So if you can, in replying. From Paris blowing you. But we can gain You know what need to know is that checking bags in your Be Gone Wild with both checked bags. It's only 2003. Both of the bag. Maybe I'll just do it The this. Hey, gimme call back when you get this thing, but wanted to put it right."

At least they got the "gimme a call back" part right, although I would have needed to do that anyway.


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