Thursday, June 24, 2010

Copenbloggin Revisted

A few weeks ago the Danish side of the company had a summer party.  To get the employees excited they had a little competition beforehand.  The party planning committee divided the company  into groups and every group have to make a new “little mermaid” since the party is being held at “Langelinie” just next to “the little mermaid” statue, which is actually in China at the moment (and therefore missing).  Everybody had to make their own substitute "little mermaid" and place it in the cafeteria before noon on Thursday, the day before the event. The planning committee would take a vote at lunch and announce the winners at the party.

E-mail from Danish co-worker:
"The summer party went ok, I think the entertainment was really bad. It was supposed to be a fun quiz show for everybody, but the sound and technician was horrible bad, so we could not see, hear or text (it was a texting competition), so BAD. But the mermaid competition was fun, but we did not win, and we did not even get to come in second or third. That was bad. The first place went to Annbritt and her group, they made a movie with a Barbie doll and a fish, it was fun. Second place went to a department in production, which made a protest  – they were “angry” that it was only a mermaid and not a man mermaid (don’t know the English word), so one of the girls was sitting in a wagon dressed as a mermaid naked man, with a giant penis, and the rest of the department was running around with signs (during the lunch break the day before) protesting the mermaid. Before they announced that the won the second place they were told off (management apparently did not think that it had been a clever idea, if we had had important company from different countries – they might not have thought that the Danish humor was fun with a naked man…). Third place was rubbish…
I have attached some photos of our beautiful mermaid, maybe you can recognize some of us..."

I miss Denmark!


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