Thursday, June 24, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

In case you were wondering why I wasn't blogging on a consistent basis.....

I arrived home from Denmark May 15th....

2 weeks later I flew to NJ for 4 days for a birthday party,

2 weeks later Trevor and I flew to North Carlina for 3 days for a wedding,

2 days later Trevor flew to Scotland for 5 days for a conference,

2 days later I flew to back to North Carolina for 4 days for work,

Tomorrow I fly to New Jersey for a drink,

3 days later Trevor flies to New Jersey and we drive to Lake George, NY  for some Rest & Relaxation,

4 days later we drive back to New Jersey for a Friday wedding, Saturday fireworks, Sunday wedding,

2 days later I will fly back to California and return to normal.....almost,

4 days after I leave, Trevor heads to Boston for 7 days for another conference...

...then to Montana for 5 days for yet another conference.

Then I return to normal!  Where did June go? When did traveling cross-country become my hobby? Anyone have any good book suggestions?  I almost finished the one I brought and I still have 2 days of flying!?

In the meantime, alone in a hotel room in record-breaking North Carolina heat (115 degrees with the humidity factored in)....I catch up on my blog.


Bridget said...

Time flies when you are having fun! Or flying all over the US! :) See you friday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Flime ties when you're a banana bug! Have fun, tree frog!

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