Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lady Madonna, Your Rooms are Oh So Neat!

For 4 years I've been saying I wanted to go to the Madonna Inn.  We drive past it on the 101 every time we drive up to the snail house or to San Francisco.  It's a couple hours north of Santa Barbara and something about it always caught my eye. .. maybe because it is decorated white and pink, located in the middle of no where,  and called the "Madonna" Inn.  It has to be cool!  I mentioned my desire to go there to a friend and found out it was way more awesome than I could have expected.  Everything is decorated pink or very colorful.  Huge boulders were used from the local landscape to build  rock walls, fireplaces, showers, even waterfall urinals out of stone.  The most exciting part is that all 110 of the hotel rooms are decorated with a different theme...  I mentioned the Madonna Inn to my snail house friend, Sally, and we booked our reservations.

Here are a select viewing of my favorites but to see more check out the Madonna Inn website.  Pick out your favorite room and make your reservations to come visit!  WARNING: you can view a picture of almost every single room.  This is super-addicting so make sure you allocate enough time to view them all!

The KrazyDaisy was the room my friend had stayed in and was my first glimpse of how awesome this places is:

The Krazy Daisy

The Romance Room

The Madonna Suite

Vous- part of the Ren-De-Vous room series

The Caveman Room
 And the room we ended up staying in.... THE OLD MILL...
The Old Mill
 ...complete with functioning waterfall powered mill wheel and cuckoo clock type statues that moved around in circles through the structures above the bed.  The green wall paper was super-sparkly and the toilet seat was warm (it was strange).

Here's what the steakhouse looks like where we had dinner Saturday night:  All the booths, chairs, table clothes etc. were bright pink.  I was in heaven...

Stay tuned... more photos to come!


Evan said...

That's cool! I never thought it looked so cool from the freeway, but these pictures are pretty awesome.

eLizaBeth said...

You HAVE to get married there. Then all the guests can be in 50 different rooms. Imagine the around the world party. It's unimaginable, actually.

Colleen said...

OMGGGG you so should get married there! that place is friggen time i get enough money to fly out there, we so have to go there!

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