Wednesday, September 29, 2010

If You Can't Stand the Heat....

...Go to the kitchen ....
  1--Soak bath towels in cold water, wring until not completely drenched.
  2-- Fill 2-3 plastic zip lock bags with ice cubes.
  3--Go back to bed and drape yourself in wet towels.
  4--Place bags of ice on top of towels.
  5--Position fan so that it is blowing directly at you.
  5-- Rotate one ice bag from behind your neck to on top of your head every 5 minutes or so.

And that's how my Monday night went...  The thermometer in Los Angeles measured 113 degrees....before it broke.  Who knows how hot it really got down there.   All I know is that on my way home from work at 6:00pm the car thermometer measured 104.  We decided to take advantage of the unusually warm weather and so we went to a friend's house to have some beers outside in shorts and tank tops.  I think that was the only time I have ever been hot at night in Santa Barbara.  At midnight it was still 98 degrees.  It was windy, which you would think would be a relief, but this oven wind felt more like a fire breathing dragon. And so we had our 2 days of summer.  The rest of the summer has been mildly cool and usually cloudy. Today was back in the 70s.

And that's all for the weather folks.  No other news to report here.


Bridget said...

I can just picture you sleeping with bags of ice on top of you. Poor Jul

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