Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kite, Camera, Action

"For the benefit of Mr. Kite there will be a show tonight on the trampoline...."  I have had that song in my head all week long, preparing for my Halloween costume.  I also quite often mistake the word trampoline with tambourine and even more often combine the two into "trambourine" which is obviously the act of playing the tambourine while jumping on a trampoline. 

Back to Halloween...

This year we headed south to Redondo Beach for a costume party at our good friend Reni's house.  Reni has been a third wheel of ours for close to 4 years now, or maybe I should say I have been a third wheel to Reni and Trevor for close to 4 years now.  That's probably more accurate.  The cast and crew of the show included Reni and girlfriend Liz, a slew of master student alumni's from the Great Class of 08, some highschool and work friends of Liz, and might as well bring the Danish girl down and give her a real taste of tick or treatery, an American Halloween party.

KITE! and Danish friend Saima (aka the rockstar)

KITE!!!!  Where's Ben?

Rainbow Bright flew in from NYC for the party

Hey Popeye, that beer spinach looks delicious but where's Olive Oil?

There she is hanging with Johnny Cash

Doc and Marty McFly came back from the future for the festivities

The Howells were able to make it off Gilligan's Island

Even Flo took time off from the Insurance commercials

Costumes were swapped

kites were photo bombing

And Ben Franklin and Marty McFly made some huge progress towards the optimization of time travel.

Left to Right: Viking, Popeye, Mr. Howell, Doc, Ben Franklin, Johnny Cash, Turtle Guy ?, Sticks...

Right to Left: Carrots, Marty McFly, Olive Oil, Rockstar, KITE, MRs. Howell, Flo the insurance lady, June Carter, Beer Girl

And it wouldn't be an American Halloween party without your standard underwear costumes.  (they weren't with us)

Apparently Conan O'Brien was promoting his new show by asking for people to send in pictures of themselves dressed up with the Conan mask on.... So we did:

Ben's got a little messy...

and a little creepy

Hopefully Liz wins the contest.  The prize is free tickets to the show.  Speaking of contests and prizes and winning, later that night we mozied over to a nearby bar where we walked backwards into a costume contest and proceeded to supermarket-sweep the first, second, and third place couples costumes category and also got the gold in the singles department netting in total a $250 gift certificate to the bar.  Party Time!

This is Kite trying to get Ben Franklin to put his legs up and give the kite a Superman ride....would have been a much better picture than this one which looks like Ben Franklin is trying to give birth...

Doc & Marty...

....and Ben Franklin & his Kite lived happily ever after.

The End...

Happy Halloween!!!


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Hahaha, awesome costumes!

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