Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh Where, oh where can my little bag be?

Baggage Update:

My baggage was lost somewhere in America last month and has failed to show up anywhere.   I claimed the contents to be around $780 although I am fairly certain that is an underestimate as I keep trying to find things in my closet only later realizing that I had packed them in that damn bag. Although it was for one weekend, I happened to put all my favorite dresses,  every piece of jewelery and hair accessory I own,  my sonicaire toothbrush, all my make-up (which isn't much, but still...),  my favorite flip flops, and hot pink pumps all in that one tragically lost bag. ... damn.....  

This post is a tribute to some of my long lost articles:

My red sequins dress from college roommate Ginger's wedding... (and red feather hair clip)

My fun denim skirt from Sally and white blouse (including pink flower head band)

My 80's black striped and polka dot dress from Susie's deals including neon headband

My Asian dress from Sally

My e-bay project dress and those Teva flip flops

My colorful print dress

My sun dress, pink feather clip. and green headband

One of the dresses Bridget got me for my birthday... it was mine for 1 day

My super soft yellow t-shirt and blue skirt..including white beads

My grey cardigan (birthday present from Nancy) and other floral dress (birthday present from Bridget)  also only owned for 1 day.  Headband and beads were previously mentioned...gone

Black sequins dress and hot pink pumps

Tank top from Ireland

Red marching band cardigan from Ireland
My printed Danish dress from my Danish friend

You've seen this one before but I thought I'd throw in an extra full length action shot

The most tragic of all losses... my beloved leopard print sequins Betsey Johnson dress which I so lovingly splurged on as a birthday present to myself..

If anyone is ever in Alabama, please print out this post and look for my items lat this store:  http://www.unclaimedbaggage.com/index.html.   They buy unclaimed luggage and sell it in their shop.  Jerks.  (I would totally go shopping there...)


Bridget said...

so many cute dresses :(

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just saw this, and that actually really does suck more than the average bag. What the hell did the airline say happened? Are they going to compensate you for it?

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