Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another Sh*tty Day in Paradise

In California, Trevor and I have a favorite cab company.  His name is Dieter.  And it's not much of a company but more of a one man show.  His business card says Dieter and has his phone number is listed below it.  Plain and simple.  Every time he picks us up, we get in the cab and tell Dieter where we want to go (usually it's the bar or the airport).   Every time without fail Dieter responds, ".......Another shitty day in paradise, ey?"  More often than not the weather in Santa Barbara is sunny, dry, and 65-75 degrees.  So his comment is more than likely ironic and comical because it is almost a joke how ridiculously gorgeous it is outside or in the 7 out of 365 days that it is actually raining, his comment is perfectly fitting.  Either way it always feels appropriate.   And either way it always makes me happy.

Another thing that makes me happy is ordering white cheddar cheese-itz from the vending machine at work.  I love them not only because it's a deliciously salty snack, and not only because I've convinced myself they are good for me, and not only because they are the cheapest thing in the vending machine besides gum or breath mints, but I love them because the combination you have to press on the keypad for white cheddar cheeze-itz is 'A0.'  And every time I type in 'A-0,' I imagine my bag of cheese-itz hollaring "A-OoOOOOOOooooooo!"  right before they take the plunge. 

I have a friend on facebook whose name is Julie Erickson.  Five or six years ago when I was living in New Jersey I would often times meet my good friend, Ben, out for happy hour with his co-workers.  During one happy hour, I really hit it off with one of Ben's co-workers and we decided to become facebook friends.  I told her my name, 'Julie Erickson,' and she replied "NO wAY! That is my cousin's name!!!!" So of course I had to become friends with her cousin too, because how many Julie Erickson's do you hear about in one life time?  I never met this Julie Erickson in person and after the initial "OMG we have the same exact name!"-conversation we never talked to each other again.... But on facebook when people leave status messages, their comments will show up on your profile wall. And so one day I see the following wall post:

Julie Erickson: "Wedding dress shopping with mom and Jojo!!!! Yay!"

Am I dreaming up some sort of nightmare?! I immediately think someone logged in under my name and is messing with me.  But what a weird comment to make?!  How weird would it be if I ever went wedding dress shopping with

My mom:

And Jojo:

Now that would make a very entertaining reality TV show....



Courtney said...

Haha! Adam is friends with 2 other Adam Carignan's on facebook. One of them comments on his shit all the time which is funny cause it looks like he's making snarky comments to himself all day :)

Colleen said...

mom would surely enjoy that shopping trip!

Nancy said...

Everyone loves Jojo!

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