Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Bachelorette

So my sister Nancy is getting married in May.  My favorite thing about her getting married, you may ask?  Her saying 'Thank You' to the presents I give her.    Because she traditionally doesn't say nice things to me all that often.  I take what I can get.   This weekend was her bachelorette party and bridal shower back in ol' New Joizey (no one from New Jersey calls it that FYI).

In the less than 4 days I was took me 9 hours to get there,  3 hours to decorate,  I probably spent 17 hours sleeping, 18 hours drinking, all day Sunday half-dying, then 8 and a half hours to get back home on Monday.  My last flight home wad delayed because they had to wait for the emergency crew to come on board and take care of 2 passengers who were injured because of the turbulence.  Great, like I want to get on that plane now...

The party was a success ... We had a little hiccup when the fire alarm went off.  Colleen and I rushed into the kitchen followed by the party of 20+ frantic women to find that the pile of napkins that were set next to the catered trays of food had blown under the trays because the windows were open as it was a surprisingly warm day and that the little candle burners that were there to heat the food had since lit the napkins ablaze.  Colleen and I quickly stifled the flames with some wet towels as Nancy ran to the kitchen sink, turned on the hose, and proceeded to douse the burning embers along with her little sisters....  No major damage.....Dried off....Back to opening presents:

Crew girls, insurance co-workers, & cupcakes
Mariel, Tricia, Nat, Michelle, Colleen & Bridget
Me and Steph
Grandma, Patti, & Mom
she better be a good baker with all the brownie pans and flour sifters she got...
a dish for her peanuts
a hat for my head
enjoying my bouquet making duties
margarita makers
Colleen and her questions
Nancy's new favorite pillow
and her lucky lingerie
Trish getting the goods
drinking helps me work
Grandma getting the goods after her soft ball questions: "Who is marrying Nancy & Josh?"    Answer: Rob.
Nancy's new luggage
Nancy Powers Huder....
Excellent job, Julie
Nancy's new European bathing suit....yowzaas
Grandma's reaction
Fire in the kitchen!!!!
Nancy putting the hose down
Insurance ladies
Mary Ellen & Mariel
Stretch Escalade.....making it rain...
Nancy's new toys
vodka-infused whip cream?  why not?
barf and swallow
double barf
oh ok it's beer hookah time

I survived..... My liver is in rehab.... And whipped cream is most likely ruined for me for the rest of my years.

In case you want more pictures, here are some additional photos from another angle.  Thanks to Nancy's former co-worker, Allison.  And thanks to Mariel for taking photos during the bridal shower!


Colleen said...

Ahhhh good times

Bridget said...

Hahaha, I love that whipped cream is ruined for you! Me too! :(

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