Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dundies the Clown

1990:  One year at the Pfizer family holiday party in New York City,  a clown  asked my then 4 year old sister if she had holes in her underwear.  She disgustingly said "no" with an "eww don't talk to me"" kind of smirk... yet hoping that "no" was the right answer and that she wouldn't be embarrassed in front of her sisters... 

The clown replies, "then how do you get your legs through!?"  {drum, drum, cymbol}

Me and my other sisters all laughed. 

My 4 year old sister cried and hid behind our mom.

Lesson learned:  tell age-appropriate jokes

2012:  I tried the same joke on my 30 something year old friend... "Hey friend, soo do you have holes in your underwear?"

Friend replies, "well that's funny you should ask because all my underwear usually has holes in them, but my girlfriend has been finding them in the laundry lately and throwing them out so I've had to go  buy some new ones recently...."

This is not working... how to get him to say "no?"...

Still trying to make a successful joke, "Well,  does your new underwear have holes in them?"

"Not yet, but they got some streaks!"

Lesson learned: know your audience


Colleen E. said...

Legit traumatized by that clown - I can still remember that

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