Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Spirits

One ordinary day when my niece Gwen was about two years old and first starting to put together words and sentences and starting to understand the ways of the world... she saw her father drinking a diet coke.

She pointed to the silver coke can and said "beer!"

Her dad said, "that's funny that you think this is a beer.  Who else likes to drink beer?"

To which she replied "Santa Claus!"

He encourages her, "Yes, Santa Claus probably likes to drink beer.  Who else do you think likes to drink beer?"

Who might you guess is number two on her beer-drinking list?... "Aunt Julie!"

In a similar scenario, my step-mom was talking to my 8 year old brother the other day.  They were discussing how Matt is planning to show off his dance moves at our upcoming wedding (date still TBD).   He was remembering my sister Nancy's wedding and how he did a lot of dancing then... 

Matt:  "I remember that I danced in a big circle with this guy at Nancy's wedding."

Step-mom:  "Oh, who was it?"

Matt:  "I don't think it was Nancy's wife...."

Step-mom:   "You mean her husband?"

Matt:  "Not him either.  It was someone who acted like he was a little bit drunk and he danced really crazy."

Step-mom:  "Maybe Trevor?"

Matt:  "No, he had a beard."

Step-mom:  "Trevor has a beard."

Matt:  "Oh, it must have been Trevor.  (Pause).  It was not a bad drunk, just nice drunk from wine or something."



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Note to self: Be careful what I say around Matt... your Matt, not me :-)

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