Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jersey Wedding, What Else is New?

Well I did it again....went on a blogging hiatus for way too long...saved up all my good stories and photos...and now they are all going to come rushing out like an uncontrollable case of projectile diarrhea.... Hopefully these posts will be more enjoyable.  I'll start at the very beginning.  About a month ago when I went back to NJ for yet another wedding, of my college frisbee friend, Dolan, and her new hubby Steve.

I used to hang out here all the time as a teenager.  It didn't always look this nice...

This used to be my office.  Summers working on the Mi-Jo II charter fishing boat with Captain Frank.  Best.Job.Ever.
Me and my friend, Meg's dog, Nugget

he loves me

My frisbee ladies and their dudes (including Ginger's little dude =)

This little guy wripped a big one during the ceremony...classic

Last moments as Dolan!


The day after the wedding we went to Ginger's baby shower

Then I went back to my mom's house and helped her spray for carpinter bees.  And by "help" I mean sat in the car with the door closed and took pictures....


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