Friday, June 29, 2012

Another Jersey Wedding, Yet Again...

The week after Jimmy and Sally came to visit Trevor and I flew back to NJ for another wedding (what else is new).  This wedding was for Trevor's sister Lexine and her new hubby Bryan.  I didn't take the best pictures form this trip, but many more professional photos can be found HERE.

Lexine and Aunt Bridgie

Gwen and Uncle Trevor

Papa Ron giving Eliza a photography lesson

Gwen and the snake
Ollie and Trevor getting ready for the bus

At the rehearsal dinner
Oliver and Damian
Trevor performing his groomsman duties
hitching a ride on the groomsmen bus


who invited this one?



The babies


The morning after

Later in the day we went to my mom's birthday party

and later in the week I went out to Brooklyn to visit my Grandma Rita

One day Trevor and I went with Bevin and John into NYC to get some maps at the library:

We ended up running into cousins Robbue and Tiff! 

Small world.

We also ran into traffic:

I also found this gem tucked away in my mom's desk from circa 1997:
That shirt glows in the dark (I know you're jealous!)


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