Friday, September 21, 2012

The Birthday Buddies

Sandwiched on either side of this whole life-changing engagement event, Trevor and I both turned 29.  Trevor's birthday was first...before we were engaged.  Before his actual birthday we had Trevor's sister, brother-in-law, and nieces visiting from South Dakota.  Then after they left we were preparing for a trip to New Jersey for another friend's wedding.  All of a sudden, Trevor's birthday was fast approaching and I am stressing out that I don't have a single present for him.  Now, I like to make a big deal out of birdthays.  Trevor on the other hand, usually couldn't care less about them.  Last year when I was in Denmark for his birthday, he nearly forgot all about it!  The day before we leave on our trip,  I run out to Barnes and Nobles and buy him a children's picture book tittled "I am a Pole and So Can You!" and the most recent edition of the magazine, The Economist (original, I know).  I gave him these sad excuses for presents along with a great big I-owe-you-more-presents hug.

My birthday is two weeks later than Trevor's, so what I get Trevor for his birthday usually sets the stage for what he gets me for mine.  I got him tickets to Willie Nelson one year, he got me tickets to Steve Martin the next.  I suggest a date night for his birthday another year, and he suggests the same for mine.  One year I suggested no one gets presents for eachother and that we just go out an buy a piano.  He is ok with that.

So when he says things like "you don't have to get me anything for my birthday this year.  I really do not want anything," it might legitimately mean the guy does not want any presents (actually I am certain that is exactly what it means) but it also has a secondary meaning that translates into something along the lines of "please don't don't get me anything because I have no idea what to get for you, and I don't have time to think of something nice, and I don't really feel like going shopping and standing in line so if you don't get me anything then I can just get you a bag of beans and some grocery store socks and call it a day."  ... I actually really do enjoy a fresh pair of grcery store socks, so maybe that wasn't the most appropriate reference...

Well even though I don't really need or want anything either for my birthday, no-present-birthdays are no fun. So you are not off the hook this year banana boy!  Even though his presents were a little late, they are always better late then never (and always better to get them to him before my birthday so I can give him a hint of this year's gift-giving theme)

This year I got Trevor this fantastic Cats shirt:

I saw a guy wearing this shirt while he was walking down the street in Bozeman when we first got into town.  The young man wearing this shirt was smoking a cigarette while wearing a sideways baseball cap and baggy jeans, walking down the street with a swagger in his step, covered in tattoos, and sporting a fresh sunburn.  As far as I could tell he was a meth addict (but, hey, every questionable young person walking around a small town screamed "I'm-a-meth-head" to me when I first got into town.  Now, after myself being a questionable(ish) young(ish) person walking around a small(ish) town all summer, I no longer give in to such stereotypes....but this was when I first arrived).  Anyway, this assumed meth-head was cracking me up, moseying around town loving cats so much that he just had to go out and buy this T-shirt.  It was then that I realized.... Trevor needs this shirt!!!!!!  Because he loves cats too:

To my suprise and delightment I was able to find the "Cats" shirt in the local Walmart.  But to my major disappointment "cat" does not stand for the cute furry, fuzzy felines that one can hoard, but rather it is actually short for "bobcats" which is in fact the local mascot at the Montana State University.  Suddenly my meth-head friend has lost much of his sensitive side appeal...  My only hope is that once outside of Bozeman, somoene may see Trevor walking down the street wearing his "cats" shirt and think "wow, that guy really must love cats so much."  It is true, he does.  But, he is not a meth-head.

Trevor loves cats so much that when I found this super fuzzy, cozy fleece leopard-framed kitty blanket, I knew he just had to have it:
The best of both worlds.

He loves it so much!

What did he buy for my birthday, you might be wondering?  Well since he obviously recognized this year's theme he got me some yummy chocolate, a very feminine pink NFL replica football, and a super industrial strength mag-light 3 D-cell flashlight with "spot-to-flood" adjustable LED beam, and a rugged, machined aluminum case that's been anodized for corrosion resistance and durability.

Sure, Trevor you can use my flashlight to spot some bears at night and I will play catch with you using my football,  but only if I can snuggle up in your blankie later! 

See how good we are at sharing?  It's like we are already married...


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