Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wedding Panicking...I Mean Planning!

Some days I am smug with pride about how well I am handling all the anxieties that come along with planning a wedding, and hunting for a new apartment, and figuring out my next career move, all from across the country and all at the same time.  And then there are mornings like today when I awake from the wonderful dream that all my lovely white teeth are crumbling to bits and I'm crunching them, choking on them, spitting out blood and tooth bits, manically feeling my tender bloody gums with my tongue...  But then I wake up.  And although frazzled, I am relieved that I still have my teeth.  And now it's time to block off hotel rooms, figure out some more  people's addresses, pick out invitations, put together a script for the ceremony, contemplate cutting my wedding dress to above the knee, and convince my sisters that we all shouldn't wear high heels...  Is it too early for a beer?


Anonymous said...

Wot me worry?

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