Thursday, June 13, 2013

Quality vs. quality

During the second half of our 5,000 friends weekend we went to a wedding of a former roommate along with lots of our friends from Trevor's masters program.  Because we are procrastinators, or in our defense, often unaware of what day it is, we missed the cutoff date for reserving a room with the discounted wedding rate.  To avoid the $200+ standard hotel room fee (if we were cheap before we are are even cheaper now), we booked a room at the $70 a night Quality Inn a few blocks away.  Sweet deal.

We check in at the lobby and head towards the elevator.  The elevator is a little dim and grimy but as long as the bedsheets and bathroom are clean, who cares about the communal areas right?  (Please let the sheets and bathroom be clean!)

We get into the elevator and press the button for floor two.  The doors start closing. Wow, it is dark in here!....  Crap there are no lights in this elevator!!  Doors close.  Pitch black.  

Then Trev has to go and say "uhh, I don't think we are moving..."

Panic!  Panic! Going to die in a hot, dark elevator!  Where is the alarm button?!  Call 911! 

Then the doors slowly open.  We are now on the second floor.  No more elevators.  Taking the stairs from here on out.

Aside from the light-less elevator, and the fact that:
1) they had no extra blankets (not even at the front desk),
2) they had only one towel in the bathroom,
3) you could only flush the toilet once an hour and
4) by the end of our stay the toilet handle broke off....

I would say it was quality.


Breanna said...

Ahahahaha. This is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Crackin' me up over here, Chili Dawg!

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