Saturday, February 22, 2014

An Olympic False Start

I love the Olympics I could not wait for them to start.  They started on a Friday and I had an opening ceremony party on Thursday.  I could not wait for them to start.

I love the Olympics but I obviously do not love them enough to really keep track of what is going on when.   I do often lack some minor attention to detail.  We do not have a TV so I was not berated with commercials telling me when to watch.  I read some google news headlines that talked about the games starting on Thursday.  Had I read the entire article I might have realized that although the games might have started on a Thursday in Russia, that the coverage was not going to start until Friday in America.  

So our friends show up Thursday night for my 'opening ceremony party' and I broadcast the Olympics coverage on our television-sized computer monitor.  Not realizing that the Olympics had not yet started, we watched some of the highlight clips from Vancouver 2010 thinking it was Sochi 2014...  

Go Bode Miller go!  

Wow! This guy is great! He has got all these medals and all on the first day.  

They sure do a lot of events before the opening ceremony, huh? 

Is it normal to start competition before the opening ceremony?  

Wait it's not?  

When was the opening ceremony then?  

Did we miss it?

Oh it is tomorrow?  

So what is this we are watching?  

Oh this is from the last Olympics? ....Oops.

Well at least we had a nice little refresher course.

So will we see you again tomorrow night?


Anonymous said...

Too much! Glad you liked them. Love, Dad

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