Thursday, February 27, 2014

TBT 2 TBT (Throwback Thursday to Trevor's Brother's Trick)

These days the kids on facebook are always speaking in acronyms and I never know what the heck they are talking about.  I only recently found out that "SMH" stands for "shaking my head" as in disappointment or bewilderment in someone's stupidity.  I always just assumed it must have been something meaner like "suck my hip" or "show me hot dogs" or "shut-up mad hooligan" or "some men haters." 

Anyway for everyone else without a 13 year old interpreter or too lazy to google, let me tell you about this "TBT" or "Throwback Thursday."  This occurs every Thursday and people will post pictures of themselves from the past and include the hashtag "#tbt."

Today I did my first TBT picture post on facebook, but I could not figure out what picture to choose so I posted two, which is probably not cool, but what can I say, besides I'm a hipster and I'm too cool to care.

These were my TBT pics:

First Halloween costume.  No, I was never cute.

Playing "dress up" in Dad's work gear with my Mom.  She loves this game!

I went through a ton of other photos and here are some of the honorable mentions:

 My first doll.  Terrifying I know.

My first outdoor diaper dump.  I've been caught!!!  and also punched in the face apparently...

First sweaty rocking moose ride (#FSRMR).  From what I recall the head and neck easily came off this unstable solid wood- yet made for small children  toy.

First slip and slide!  HELP ME!

First of three long years of bowl cuts.  Mom already had her two pretty girly girls.  She really wanted to mess with #3.  Consider my teenage years your karma for this, mother. (j/k = just kidding)

I next googled "TBT" because after you say "Throwback Thursday" in your head (or out lout) enough times, it starts to sound wrong, right?  Throw back?  What are you throwing back?  Is that even the right phrase?  I would really be embarrassed if I wrote this whole blog on "Throwback Thursday" when it actually meant "tacky but true" or "time brings torment." Well, I googled it to make sure I sounded smart, and I found lots of additional meanings to "TBT" on the urban dictionary website:

It can stand for "Truth Be Told" 

or "Throw Back Thursday" but now on other days besides Thursday (damn hipsters)

People also use it is as "Taco Bell Time"

or "Turn Back Time"

or "Thinking Bad Thoughts"

or "Tall-Boy Thursday" (which is the act of drinking a 6-pack of 16oz beer ("tall boys") one day before the weekend arrives. They say it is perfect for any day, but much better on a Thursday.  If they keep using these "Thursday" acronyms on every day of the week, adults are going to be pissed (myself included - because once you get married you are instantly an adult and can be publicly irritated by facebook acronyms). 

One I thought was particularly funny was "Thought Break Time" which occurs when you are talking to a friend on the computer and you both run out of things to say.  You TBT to excuse yourself from the conversation and then it is socially acceptable to not say anything until you can think of something interesting to talk about again.  But if the other person says TBT at the same time, you may never talk again...

Now knowing all that, here is a little exercise for the acronym savvy.  Decipher this:

TBT, on this TBT I started a blog about TBT and if I could TBT I would have called "TBT!" and ran out of the house and would have never written this blog, now that's TBT. TBT.

Scroll down for the answer below.

Also, watch this video!  Remember when we got married?!  TBT!!! 

(Note: in college I often swore that I would serve Taco Bell at my wedding if I ever got married...I slightly regret that acronym is not relevant here... but maybe you can maybe eat Taco Bell while you watch this recap!  That would make me happy!  Do it! Do it!  TBT! TBT!!!)

Special thanks to best man, Damian for the mini-heart attack!


"Truth be told on tall boy Thursday I started a blog about "throwback Thursday" and if I could turn back time, I would have called "Taco Bell time!"and ran out of the house and would have never written this blog, now that's thinking bad thoughts. Thought break time!"


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