Thursday, May 8, 2014

Good Food, Baaaaaad Taste

A few days ago Trevor and I had a last minute date night.  After a couple has been together for nearly a decade, date nights go something like this:

9:45pm on a random Tuesday evening:

Partner #1 (enters the apartment, stressed after a long day at work):  "Sorry I am really late getting home from work."

Partner #2 (is in the same position on the couch since 11am): "I don't really care I have been in my pajamas all day."

Partner #1: "Did you eat dinner?"

Partner #2:  "No, I didn't feel like cooking, so I just ate chips.  Did you eat dinner?"

Partner #1: "I ate not too long ago but I'm a little hungry."

Partner #2:  [doesn't feel like cooking...] "Want to have a date night?"

Partner #2  changes into socially acceptable attire and the pair head out to try the local Venezuelan restaurant.  They split a couple of delicious plantain-based appetizers and then split the yummy lamb chop special.  The tender juicy taste of the melt in your-mouth baby lamb meat sits very well with Partner #1 who asks "what kind of meat is this?!" Partner #2 replies "It is lamb chops."  A few silent minutes go by as the seemingly starving couple focus on devouring the delicious meal.  Partner #1 has subconsciously drifted to lala-land starts belting out Tom Tom's sweet encouraging words to Bo Peep who has lost her sheep from Babes in Toyland:

 [Excellent movie. I highly recommend it]

Halfway through the second line.."Neverminnnd Bo Peep, you will finnnd your shhhheeee..." Partner #1 cuts himself off with a sheepish grin.  Perhaps it is not the most appropriate song to sing as we chow down on baby sheep.   We had a good chuckle about the inappropriateness of it, then I thought to myself "I should get back to blogging."


Trevor said...

This video gets really good around 7:45

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