Thursday, March 27, 2014

Entertaining Myselfie

Trevor rarely takes pictures.  I take a lot.  Sometimes I will show him a picture on my iphone and then he will commandeer my digital collection until he is satisfied reminiscing through all my old photos.  

We went through these motions just the other day.  "Hey, Trevor look at the picture of my new baby niece!"  I give Trevor the phone.  He gives his sincere "heh" and smile of approval and then starts scrolling.  He flips through pictures for awhile, while I move on to other things.  Then I can hear him in the background say something like "what the heck is this?" And start gasp-laughing.... Wha?...huh!...ehhh...haha..  I immediately freeze trying to think of what embarrassing photo he has stumbled upon.  

I often take pictures of random weird things I find in stores...

Or take screen shots of web pages when I attempt to self diagnose myself on webMD.

Or I will take screen shots to remind me to look something up later:

Or I will take screen shots to remind me of things I should buy for Trevor later:

But I feel like none of the above should be all that surprising to Trevor.  What could he possibly be laughing about?

Did I accidentally take a picture of someone's butt?

Did someone steal my phone and take perverted photos?


Trevor had just stumbled upon my embarassing attempt to take what the kids call a "selfie." After a recent haircut my mother and sisters requested a photo.  So I secretly tried out my first series of self-taken self portraits.  I don't know how all those sexy people do it!

Serious face:

Concerned face:

Happy face:

Glasses face:

Glasses + smile:
= double FAIL

Indoor dumb face:
Meh, that'll do...

Maybe someday little Adalyn can teach her dear old desperate aunt how to take a proper picture. She is much more photogenic...

Peaceful face:
Ok, Adi. You win!


GoAskMatt said...

I like all your faces. :-)

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