Sunday, April 25, 2010

3 More Weeks

I have three more weeks.....

Three more weeks until I can go home to my warm, cozy, comfortable American life! =)

but also

Three weeks left before I have to leave this cute little city and solo euro life which now that there is an end in sight, I have finally grown accustomed to! =(

I will miss it. But I won't get sentimental just yet. ... My cousin Joey's in town. And I've had quite the busy social weekend...

Friday night I had dinner at my co-worker's house and had a great time playing with his 3 year old daughter. She didn't speak any English but luckily games like "keep the balloon from hitting the ground" are universal and require no verbal explanation. We hit it off quite well. Except this one time...she had a kitten stuffed animal and she gave it to me and said "di mi" meaning "this is mine" and just out of reflex I picked it up and said "di mi" as if to copy her, but she got a little upset that I was going to take her kitty away from her. Poor girl, I know not what I say.

Saturday I picked up Joey from the airport and we headed out to a different co-worker's house for lunch. She lives out in the countryside and has a son and daughter my age. We hung out with them and a few of their friends all day long: eating, drinking, talking, drinking, eating, sitting out in the sun, so much fun to be in a group of young people! We went for a walk through the woods at one point and there was a boys and girls scouts camp setting up tents, chopping wood, making fires, etc. I wish my girls scout experience was like this. All I remember is arts and crafts and eating cookies!

Today we woke up and got a pastry from the bakery before heading out to the modern art museum named Louisiana. The highlight of the museum was an exhibit that was called "homo sapiens sapiens" (I think). It was in this dark room in the basement. You walk in, take off your shoes, and on the ground are colorful mattresses and cushy pillows spread out in some sort of organized pattern. You lay down on the ground and stare up at the screen on the celing. There is some funky psychadelic music playing in the background and the video is of this naked red haired girl climbing trees and smashing these artificial and ridiculously mushy and bright colored fruit. She smooshes the fruit with her feet, she smooshes it on her butt, she's dancing in the mud, there's kaleidoscope images of her legs. It was so so weird. I also thought it was weird that there was no sort of warning sign about any adult content. I mean this girl was completely nude and they weren't trying to hide anything and there were really little kids laying down next to their parents and watching this erotic trippy movie like it was saturday morning cartoons. It was interesting.


Anonymous said...

All part of the European experience!
Tell Joey "Hi."

Trevor said...

50th blog!

Courtney said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA - Jules this made me laugh so hard. If I ever do shrooms I want it to be in the Louisiana museum.

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