Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Farmin' & Fishin', A Norwegian Tradition

April 3, 2010

Woke up with a traditional Norwegian breakfast: glass of milk, cup of coffee, assortment of breads, lefse, and crackers, hams and cheeses (including the very Norwegian brown cheese), mayonnaise (that comes out of a tube), smoked salmon, caviar (also comes out of a tube), cucumbers, tomatoes, and red peppers. Yum.

I have been in Norway for a couple days. I am staying on a farm way off in the countryside. This farm is where my great great great grandmother came from back in the day...

Here is a picture of my great grandmother sitting in the same room as I was:

Later that day I went ice fishing!! And the only thing better than ice fishing in Norway is ice fishing with Norwegian babies!! They loved it.

Making the holes:

Throwing some logs on the fire:

Snack Attack:

Hot dogs wrapped in lefse:

Mmm dogs on a stick:
Back to work:
Success! You may have to zoom in to view the fish ;)
Punky liked to lick em:

Find those fishies!!

(These are not my fish. I only caught that one in the picture. The guy before me left this hole to try his luck at another one, I just got to pretend I was that good....)


Bridget said...

Awesome! Looks very cold. Those kids are too cute! Are we related to them somehow?

elyse said...

these are great!

Mary Ellen said...

Those cute babies seem to have your fashion sense Juj!

Trevor said...

those kid/food pictures are hilarious. have hot dogs ever looked so enjoyable?

Julie Erickson said...

we might be related to them. We are related to the girl with the dark hair, Ellen. The kids were her friend's girls but they all grew up in the same town, and if you go back far enough everyone there is a cousin!

Colleen said...

do they all speak english there? or are you getting by with smiles and nods?

Miguel said...

Caviar out of a tube and the brown goat cheese are among my favorite things to eat for breakfast

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