Saturday, May 8, 2010

All Wound Up While Winding Down

My last Saturday in Denmark...(sniff, sniff...tear / woohoo can't wait to get home).....

I woke up earlier than usual this morning, bounced out of bed, threw on some clothes and headed for the door. I didn't know exactly where I was going but I am overcome with this anxious feeling of "I have so much to do and so little time now!" It doesn't matter where I go, I just feel like I have to go somewhere! I went to the bakery for one of my last delicious Danish pastries and a cup of deliciously strong coffee. I hopped on my clunky-monkey bike and headed downtown.

I have been here for 3 months and aside from groceries and beer, I really haven't bought much else. I decided to go on a souvernir shopping binge until my bike basket was full and I couldn't physically carry any more.... Not sure where I am going to fit it all in the suitcase, but I have a feeling I may be leaving some clothes behind... I won't be needing so many wool sweaters in California.

Later, I received a call from my American friend Karen. She was going to watch her friend's canoe polo tournament on Amager, the island where the airport is located. I got back on my bike and headed in her direction.. I never heard of canoe polo before, but it seems to have the same rules as water polo for the most part, except you're in a kayak. It was intense.

I felt really bad when the players got pushed and their kayaks flipped upside down. The air today was SO cold, I could see my breath and my fingers felt like they were going to break off even while I was wearing my mittens. I can't imagine what the water felt like.

Here's a clip of the action:

After the games, I headed back home on my bike. Earlier, when I was souvenir shopping, I saw this REALLY cool soap dispenser. I talked myself out of buying it because it was sooo expensive. All day long, I could not stop thinking about it though, and that's when you know something is worth it. I took a detour on the way home to go back to the shop, but sadly it was closed. Oh well, it was a bit too pricey anyway. Fortunately, my route home from the shop took me right past my favorite street performers!! I thought I blogged about them before but I couldn't find the entry.... Anyway, I ran into this band on my first weekend here and I saw them performing around town for the next 3 consecutive weekends. I love these guys and I felt it was so perfect that I spontaneously ran into them on my last weekend AND this time they were selling CDs! Of course I bought one and am listening to it as I type...

This corn man was selling corn out of his bicycle nearby:

It was a lovely day despite the clouds, misty rain, and near-unbearable cold. I think that's just Copenhagen's way of making it easier for me to leave!


AL said...

We all enjoyed reading your Danish adventures.
Happy Mother's Day!

ps we are returning to La Quinta
on the Russian Orthodox Christmas/Elvis' Birthday weekend! T-Dog: put that on your calendar!

Trevor said...
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Anonymous said...

What will I do without my daily fix of Copenbloggin??

Trevor said...

Al: marking it down!

Julie: who took the picture of you on the bike? that should be your new 'About Me' picture for the blog.

Julie Erickson said...

Trev--Karen took the pic while at the kayak polo match. done.

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