Sunday, May 2, 2010

Marketing the Danish Way

Danish Ad: Forstoppelse far mennesker til at fole sig indelukket...
English translation: Constipation for people to feel themselves confined.

Danish Ad: Her er 3 store danskere.
English translation: Here are 3 Great Danes.

Danish Ad: Kom taettere pa dage hvor tiden star stille.

English translation: Come closer upon the day where time stands quiet. Visit Norway.DK

Nothing like a sexy lumberjack sitting in the weeds without his pants on to motivate you to find some peace and quiet. Doesn't it make you want to visit Norway?!


Trevor said...

now I have all the ideas i need for my holiday card photo this year.

eLizaBeth said...

I like to think the naked lumberjack isn't sitting in the weeds, rather, he grew there. Like a cabbage patch kid. Explaining the lack of pants. And my need to visit Norway.

Julie Erickson said...

hahahahahaha I like it Liz!

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