Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to Get Along With Boys

Secrets, Advice & Wisdom From the 1940s.

Sitting on a bookshelf in a gift shop in Pismo Beach I found this little book of relationship advice offering ladies a few insider tips on how to find and keep a man... Keep in mind it was originally published in 1945.

A few of my favorite quotations:

"Dates rarely happen.  You must first meet a man and manage to impress him sufficiently to be asked.  Then, if you like, you may affect surprise."

"Obviously you will not meet a man by sitting home.  Circulate where there are men... Keep active and you are bound to meet men.  Do not neglect your girlfriends.  Some of them have brothers; or their boyfriends have friends."

"If you live in a small town where the eligible males are numbered and it is impossible to meet other men, you might prevail upon your family to move to a larger city.  It is not advisable to consider moving to improve your marital opportunities unless you have family there or at least obtain your parents' consent and approval."

"Don't let him get plastered.  If you can't tear him away from the bottle, you might suggest a change of scene.  Failing in that, tell another man in the company to keep an eye on him, or telephone one of his relatives, and leave. You are not obliged to put up with drunkenness."

"If you would get along with real men, you must accept the less-than-perfect and be glad of it."

"Force yourself to remain in company even if you find it distasteful.  Interest yourself in the problems of others...Do not set perfectionist standards, do not be too fussy at first.  The pimply clerk may have a handsome brother, but you will never know unless you cultivate the clerk first."

"Do not ask him to account for his time.  Keep your suspicions to yourself.  Remember, you do not own him.  He has a right to go out with whom he pleases, where he pleases.  He will resent any abridgement of his freedom.  If he wishes to keep her existence secret, it is a sign that you are the favored one."

"Fish bones and fruit pits may be spat into the cupped hand or a spoon -- but unobtrusively."

"Don't test your drinking capacity in public.  If you can't drink, better stick to ginger ale.  The sight of a girl staggering under a "load" will disgust any man."

"Almost every man feels the need for a confidante; it is only necessary to establish that what he says is important, to make him believe he is somebody."

"If your boyfriend requests you to be nice to Aunt Sarah who is grumpy and deaf, be nice if it kills you."

"An ugly nose can be made less prominent with the proper make-up and hat.  But if you would rather be parted with yours, do not bewail your fate; instead, start saving for the plastic surgeon."

"What kind of voice do you have? Is it thin and squeaky?  Do you talk too fast?  Are the words muffled?  Have you any obvious speech defects?..... Tense throat muscles and improper breathing are responsible for most of the bad voices you hear.  Relax. Breathe deeply.  Now try pitching your voice lower.  See if you can't produce a richer tone."

"You can learn much from listening.  Even if no new information or ideas are offered, you can always add to your understanding of people and manners."

"There are some defects, like the loss of a limb, which cannot be remedied.   But have you noticed how many cripples have developed not only extraordinary agility, but extraordinary personalities as well?  Nor do they remain spinsters."

"Sometimes a well-placed hint will get you a date.  If a fellow in your office says he likes to play the piano, suggest that you have a piano in your living room."


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