Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Encyclopedia of An Ordinary Life

Airplanes are amazing.  I love that I could fly to Florida for my sister's engagement party for a quick, less than 48 hour trip.  I would however, love it much more if it was longer than 48 hours and if Delta didn't lose my bag.

Baseball is America's favorite sport.  I try not to get to involved in sports because it puts me in a bad mood when the team I'm rooting for loses...better luck next time, Yankees.

Colleen is my youngest sister.  She painted me a picture for my birthday.  It's inside my lost luggage.

Duck walks into a bar .... he asks the bartender for some lipstick and says "hey, put it on my bill"

Electricity.  You don't realize how much you rely on it, until you have to go without it.  The electricity was out at work this morning.  There were rumors spreading like wildfire that it might not come back on until after noon.  Everyone seemed slightly annoyed but deep down inside I think they were ecstatic.  I know I was.  You can't pray for snow days out here.   If we don't have electricity we can't do any lab work, we can't do any computer work, we might as well go out to breakfast or go home.  15 minutes later the lights came back on to resounding "ahhhs," owwws," and "ughs."  Back to work.

"Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life" is a fantastic book.

Free lunch...there is no such thing as a free lunch... but also Family... got a lot of Family time in this weekend with all the sisters, both parents, and Josh's family too.
Awkward hand placement, Bridget

Generals prefer to keep their Armies in their sleevies.

"Gang Leader for a Day" is another awesome book by Sudhir Venkatesh.  Sudhir was a grad student in sociology at the University of Chicago.  He wanted to research african americans living in poverty in nearby neighborhoods.  He ends up pretty much becoming part of the gang family without actually being part of the gang.  You need to read it for yourself.

Henry Rutgers once said, "Never let your schooling interfere with your education."  

Itchy, I feel itchy.  I took some Benadryll.  Hopefully I can finish this blog before I zonk out.  If the excerpts are getting lamer, you now know why.

Jogging. I went for a jog today and it made me feel sick.  I think I am also slightly paranoid that I have the same bug as Bridget,  (See V for virus).

Joke.  Why did the bunny jump for joy?  Because he was hoppy!

Kite.  Halloween is in less than 2 weeks.  What should I be?  This morning I thought it would be pretty funny to be a kite.  Trevor can be Ben Franklin. 

Lightning was the cause of the power outage at work today.  There was a huge lightning storm last night and even some more tonight.  This is the first time I have seen lightning in California since I moved here 4 years ago.

Maybe I should re-consider the kite costume... Any other suggestions?  Some of my older costumes:

Nightmares.  Sorry if those pictures give you nightmares.  That's what Halloween's all about though right?

"Overacting (also referred to as hamming or mugging) is the exaggeration of gestures and speech when acting. It may be unintentional, particularly in the case of a bad actor, or be required for the role. For the latter, it is commonly used in comical situations or to stress the evil characteristics of a villain."-Wikipedia

Anyone remember what I was talking about?

Paralysis is a seriously sad injury.  I am really hoping Eric LeGrand from the Rutgers Football team is able to walk again after his injury in the game last Saturday. 

Quiet.  Congress has passed a bill that will limit the volume of TV commercials. This makes me happy.

Rain...when it rains it pours, and it sure has been raining a lot around here...

Shopping.  We went bridesmaids shopping in Florida and we found a dress!  Very excited at the idea of not trying on any more bridesmaids dresses.  And then there's the shoes....  hmm Nikes?

Thanksgiving.  Last Thanksgiving we went to a crowded bar with some friends.  I was talking with my friend, Kevin, while this shorter girl in front of us was standing on her tippy-toes trying to look past us to find her friends.  I said "Hello, have you met my friend Kevin?"  They talked all night.   Their year anniversary is coming up soon.

Umbrella.  I'm pretty sure I no longer own one.

Viruses are the worst!  Last year while in Florida my sister Colleen, my mom, and Nancy's fiance Josh all came down with a 13-hour-of-intense-vomiting flu.  This last weekend in Florida, Bridget came down with a similar situation on her last day there.  She puked in the airport, on the plane, and more once she got home.  Sorry 'bout that Briggles. That sounds terrible.

Windows.  I always leave the windows open at home.  The air temperature is always comfortable and it never rains, usually.  It's been raining like crazy lately.  Somewhere in the past 4 years I have lost the instinct to close the window when it rains.  The thought never crosses my mind.  That is until I went to  lay down for a nap on a super-wet soggy bed.  Luckily we have a dryer in-house.

X is the hardest letter. I have nothing good to say about x-rays.

Y aren't you in bed?  That's where I'm headed.  I'm done with this alphabet business.

Z Z Z z z z z Bedtime Bye!


Joshua said...

X-rays aren't fun but what about xylophones?!?

AL said...

X-Ray vision is one of the inherent powers of Kryptonians living on Earth.

Supergirl, Power Girl, Superman & General Zod all have X-ray vision.

Bridget said...

I like the kite/Ben Franklin idea. I have such awkward hand placement in that picture! And I have been trying very hard to think what story you were telling when you were hamming it up and I can't remember at all! But Dad and I look thoroughly amused! So sucky about your luggage :( Stay positive

Colleen said...

i didn't expect to see this up so quick! good job!

Mary Ellen said...

Julie sometimes you really freak me out!

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