Monday, August 1, 2011

A Bunny, a Gun, and Beer-loads of Fun

Outside the neighbor's apartment were stacks and stacks of toys with a sign that translated to "For the other children"....or something like that.  So the child within me picked myself out a couple souvenir Danish toys:  a rabbit made with real rabbit fur and a toy machine gun.

Last weekend I went out with my cousin and his girlfriend.  We road our bikes through the "red light district" which I was unaware even existed in Copenhagen and settled at a cozy bar for some beers.  Then we headed over to explore the meat district, a part of the city that used to be a slaughterhouse and stock yard but is now a classy section of bars and discos.  We had ourselves a nice sausage at the pølser stand.  It was a real "Danish experience" ...shooting the shit with fellow drunk Danes at the sausage stand.  I met one fella who asked me where I was from.  I said Santa Barbara.  He goes on and on about how much he loved visiting Santa Barbara.  I add to it that well I live in Santa Barbara now, but I'm actually from New Jersey.  Then he goes on and on about how he visited New Jersey and how much he hated it!  Hah.


Inside the bar, Bakken, I really felt like a Copenhagen local when I ran into my Twister sister "friends" completely randomly and introduced them to my cousins.....really starting to feel like I live here.

Dorthe and Emilie

Esben and friend

This weekend I met some co-workers out for a drink and a show at Tivoli, the amusement park I told you about.  Every Friday night in the summertime there is a free concert at Tivoli.  Well, it's free if you pay the price of admission that is.  We found this cute little theater dance performance going on.....  I'll st the scene: so there's a man dressed as Ben Franklin, 2 different types of clowns, an obvious bad guy burglar dressed in a prison suit and most likely on steroids, throw in 2 drunk french maids, and a ballerina and we have ourselves a show:

Vibe and I went there early for some yummy German food at the beer garden where they serve 1 Liter beers.  Yes sir, even though I shouldn't, may I have another?

Me and my Dunkel

Vibe and her Skinke Schnitzel

The concert was fun.  Tina Dickow, a local Dane, sang and she was pretty good from what I remember.  

Karina the Canadian, Heidi, and Vibe

the swings

Then I stumbled home to my bed.


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Don't take the gun on the plane!!!!

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