Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 3 & 4, The Whole Grand Tour

Saturday...we slept in again, then walked over to the Gammel Strand for a canal tour of the Danish waterways.  Waiting for the boat we found a nice little flea marke...sleep in canal tour, flea market, sausages, brewery, indian ropes, beers in the park opera, shots at the bar, dinner with drunk danes bachelor party, 7-11 beers, gay party, condom people, after party gay party, study lounge, somebody wripped my weave off, swedish bitch, walk home, hanging out in the bedroom

shopping partners

best buds


Me and my Cuz

We're on a boat!

old church

men in tux, guys in canoe

Nyhavn from the water

Where we had dinner the first night

Tourists at the Little Mermaid

Trekronner military island

the grand old opera

yea we climbed that


under the bridge
 After the boat we had a traditional Danish lunch....sausages!

And instead of hitting up the museum we went to the birthplace of beer, Carlsberg bee that is
 We found an adult playground

And the old gate

The Carlsberg horses:

And found the beer

 After a couple we had a little rope swing time:

Then headed back to the train

We walked into the Opera in the Park
 And found a nice little spot in the grass

 Then found some beer....
I should do commercials...
 Then we took a stroll...

 Found Rosenborg castle:

And then my camera started to break down....

But compliments of my sisters and iphone, the photos continue!

For dinner we went to Mad Klubben and sat next to a bachelors party.  They were so drunk they made us look sober.  One guy seriously lost his balance and just landed flat on his back on the concrete floor, and just laid there.  Everybody looked, but nobody did anything.  Eventually his buddy helped him up..but his buddy almost lost his balance and nearly landed on top of a girl party's fancy dinner table.  And this was a classy establishment haha.

Food was delicious.

Then we decided to get some 7-11 beers and walk around (probably my most famous Danish past time).  And we walked right into Copenhagen Pride fest:

So we had ourselves a few more beers

And made friends with the condom cart people

And then headed to the after party:

We actually found a cute candlelit cafe among all this ruckus and had cakes and coffee (irish coffee of course).  In the midst of our cozy little late night binge, and raging transexual came roaring down the stair hollering in a sassy accent, "suuumbudddy wripped my weeeeave off!" ..his short spikey hair atop his extremely made-up face holding a bright blonde wig in his hand and headed for the bathroom.  He returned a few minutes later mumbling something about a Swedish betch....

Well we made it home successfully.  Colleen took the elevator up 5 steps.

And then we got into bed:

Did I fail to mention that my bedroom came equipped with tempur posture pedic beds?

The next morning we had to say good-bye to very sad.

We returned to Rosenborg castle to see the inside:

And of course the crown jewels:

Princess Weenie
Princess Dewey
cake and banana break
Then we walked through the botanical gardens

Admiring the flowers:

Admiring my sisters admiring the flowers:

Later that afternoon we did something that I have been waiting my whole Danish summer for: we had a BBQ at the waterfront a block away from my apartment:  with Vibe and Thomas

Then it started to rain (surprise) and we went home.


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Also, no offense to the Danes, but do that many people really travel to Copenhagen to see the Little Mermaid statue?

Anonymous said...

Too much beer, not enough carrots!!!! From your friendly Colorado Crowd! Great you're having so much fun there!

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