Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day Two, So Much to Do!

Friday we slept in and walked over to Christianshavn where we climbed the stairs to the Tower of Our Saviors Church :

Friday afternoon we went over a relatives house for a BBQ:
 He taught us all about bee keeping and the laws behind catching your own swarm.  The first one to spot the swarm wins!
 He had a spider in his window:
 Some special plants in his garden:

 and Russian vodka:
 They had us make ice cream:
 And we hung out in the garden:
 drinking wine...
 enjoying the sun
 drinking more wine
 and more wine

Me and Michael

Helene, Colleen, Pernille, Bridget, Ciaran, and myself

Weenie likie

too much wine

 The walk home...

Locks of love

Family Secrets:

The spice of life is that it ends....


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