Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Adventures of Trevor and Rish

Trevor and Rish... not an unlikely pair.
When they talk of economics...interrupt?...I wouldn't dare!
 But when Trev invited Rish on a tourist-type date,
 I thought, "Of course I'll tag along.  Someone's gotta narrate!" 

The first stop on the tour is Painted Cave Road
where the views were awesome and the wind, how it blowed.

At the next destination we went for a hike.
Trevor makes Rish here, look like a lil tike.

Through the gate and onward we go....
 Although it's December it's too hot for snow.

"Look over there Rish, out there on that ridge!"
"That used to be a castle! There's remnants of a bridge!"

This chimney was built by a man named Knapp.
He was involved in some kind of chemistry crap...

 He sold it in the 40's and it later burnt down.
The following shot makes Rish look like he's from tiny town...

After inspecting the rocks...

...and playing hide and seek...

...their level of interest eventually peaked.

We left Knapp's castle and followed that Rish
to the next stop on Trevor's list.

The Cold Spring Tavern, too bad it was closed.
It used to be a stop off for stagecoaches, or so it's supposed...

 We wandered down the road to the suicide bridge,
Where many a depressed has jumped off the ledge.

(sad, but true)

 Next stop is a view of the lake.
 The scenery here really does take the cake!

Then back to the cabin for sunset and drinks
 These guys could be brothers, from different mothers, me thinks....


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