Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's an Ostrich's Favorite Country?....Ostria

The New Years resolutions are in full effect.  Day # 1... 2012... get, get out and move people!  Well, we tried to go kayaking.  But it was closed....

So we took pictures on the pier:

And instead, we walked around the harbor before deciding on a nice long hike....
the babies

the grown-up couple

Briggles and Jesse Jams


Girls Galor

Jesrey Fist Pump Champ

We hiked up to Inspiration Point at the top of the Tunnel trail in the scenic Mission Canyon region during which mother found the inspiration to avoid falling down again from an unfortunate rock to the tailbone wipe out.

battle wounds

We sure are an orderly bunch...

almost home

Other than that it was a beautiful walk followed by some refreshing smoothies at Blenders in the Grass and dinner on the pier at the Harbor Restaurant with mom's friend Jim. To cap the first full day of a brand new year we played family-style ping pong while enjoying our favorite beverages at The Neighborhood Bar.

The next day we were still a family outing in full effect and to take advantage of the last full day that everyone is in town we went Ostrich feeding!!! 

Nothing brings family closer together than the terrifying pecking beaks of 7 foot tall dinosaur birds:



Yes, we like to BITE!


they like stink

Jesse, the ostrich master


good job, weena!--she is amazed at their eating techniques

what to do now?

Hi, do I know you?

Just imagine 15 years ago when we ranged in age from 10-16 and were all going through puberty and periods together under one roof and with only one phone line..... Ahhh, I'm a survivor!!

Then we stopped in the quaint little Danish-replica town of Solvang for some cheese shopping...

...before setting off to wine tasting at Kalyra...


Marmy + wine + chair + magazine = happy

Lazy dog (aka Sheddy Spaghetti) + Trevor's fingernails = Heaven

Hard to tell which one is happier...


And more wine tasting at the Fess Parker vinyard....

After wining ourselves out we had some sandwiches and salads before dropping Weener off at the airport.  Some of us have to work, ya know.  Sadly the remaining family members resorted to beers, football, and YouTube videos in the Ramada Inn hotel room to cheer ourselves back up...


GoAskMatt said...

What a fun time. I can't imagine what growing ip with 4 sisters must've been like and I grew up with 4 brothers! Love all the pics. :)

Mary Ellen said...

Survivors?? How about perpetrators!!!! Kidding babies! Love you all to pieces!!

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