Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year's Resolution: Do Not Give in to Family-Induced Anxiety

On the third day, the Lord said let there be more Erickson girls....  and so upon the golden coast of Southern California descended the angelic elder Erickson sisters and their baggage, I mean boys, their baggage...biggest bags I've ever seen!  My sister's suitcase is bigger than the bed I slept in in college....

But before they arrive, momma and her baby girls have a lovely cultural morning at the Santa Barbara Art Museum admiring the works of Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet among others.   My favorite part of any museum....the Gift Shop.

We stock up on souvenirs, grab a coffee, and head back to the beach. The afternoon presented the first and only minor hiccup of the trip.  I cleverly planned an afternoon beach BBQ to introduce the elder sisters and their boys to the sunny, warm Southern California climate and lifestyle... only there were two un-welcomed, uninvited intruders.  One being the fog and wind and the other being that foggin' drunk bum who kept trying to join our party!  The bum eventually left, as did the the fog, and as did the family.

Back to the hotel to prep for New Years Eve. But before we go out, we open presents:

Yes, our place is this tiny...

Then Weener found my iPad

these are some happy broads...

Isn't Joshy so cute!

For dinner we had a very classy, traditional Mexican feast at the festive, historical El Paseo.

The Newlyweds...still on that.

Jesse and Bridget  (aka Will and Kate)

After which we picked up a case of Tecate (cheap Mexican beer of choice) and headed over to our friend and fellow Rutger's alumni, Todd's house for an evening of spirits and spiritual dancing..

someone got their second wind

THIS is my family

Marmy found a dance partner

Kevin and Todd

Rish The Magishian

Snap, Crackle, & Pop

I set them up
Everyone arrived safely home from the evening thanks to a pair of anonymous designated drivers (first time sober on New Years in who knows how long)

Once home, most people passed out due to the east coast to west coast time change where staying up till midnight actually felt like staying up till 3am.  However, one soulful partier caught the soft-step-boogie-buzz once she was introduced to Trevor's Forever Lazy and down comforter slippers:


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