Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh Dear Dog

One night Trevor and I went for a walk along the beach to watch the sunset.  Afterward, Trevor went back to school to study and I headed back to the car to go home.  Out of the corner of my eye I was startled by a little black beast prancing towards me.  Paranoid it was a stinky skunk or rabid raccoon, I froze in my tracks and did nothing...

Then I realized upon closer inspection that the beast is wearing a collar and that the animal is in fact a mangy, matted dirty dog...He seemed friendly enough:

I tried to let him sniff my hand but he runs away.  Whatever.  I get in the car, then think..."I better check to make sure he's not running around the parking lot."  I get out to check.  No dog in sight.  I look around thinking "wow that dog must've run away pretty fast!"  Then I turn and realize he is sitting underneath my car wedged up against a tire.

I try to coax him out, but it's pretty dark out and I don't know what kind of dog this is so I don't want to get too close... I call Trevor, "Uh hey Trev, so in the 5 minutes since you left me I found a dog!  and well I probably would have just left him alone, but now he's hiding underneath the car and won't come out and I'm scared I'm gonna run over him!"

Trev runs down the hill back to the parking lot and he tries to get the dog out.  No luck.

Trev eventually gives up and runs down the beach to see if there are any dog-less owners around.  Meanwhile, I open the car doors and turn the car on to get some more light on the situation.  And wouldn't you know it, just as I get into the front seat to put the key in the ignition that little son of a bitch (pun intended) runs out from under the car and jumps into the back seat. 
He puts his paws up on the center console and is all wags and drool, as if to say OK I'm ready to go home now!!  He then nestles himself very cutely in the backseat and I actually start to take a liking to this mangy mutt.  Well... I always wanted a little puppy.  So I guess this is kind of like a dream come true.  Do you think Trevor will mind the new roommate?  Then reality strikes and I remember I'm deathly allergic to dogs.  So I took him straight to the pound and they put him down immediately.  Just kidding... his owners picked him up a few days later and they lived happily ever after.


Bridget said...

Stuff like this only happens to you :)

Mary Ellen said...

That's like the night of the Jack Johnson concert I found a dog wandering around my neighborhood and the guy from the pound who picked him up was all jealous of us going to see Jack Johnson. Don't know what happened to that dog...

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