Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dress for Less

 There once lived an ol' lady with impeccable style.
To gather every last print of the same classic dress... she'd go the extra mile.
 After her heart gave in
Her clothes ended up in a garage sale bin.
And one ecstatic shopper walked away with a brand new wardrobe...
...and a smile.

Classic vintage dress in baby blue with white and faint pink squares:

Classic vintage red with black squares:

Classic solid pink with white polka dot pattern:

Classic floral pattern:

Classy pink with floral:

 And the short sleeved versions:

Classic purple huckleberries:

Classic tiffany blue floral:

Some other gems I picked up in the Creekside parking lot: 
sexy fringe skirt

 Sheer skirt

  Neon red lace bloomers

 aaaand a turkish apron:


Anonymous said...

Everything you buy looks weird by itself, and then amazing when you put it on. HOW DO YOU DO IT?!

Joy said...

Jules, can't wait to see you and your awesome style in 2 weeks!!! xoxo

Mary Ellen said...

It's a step back in time...

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