Sunday, July 1, 2012

Family Fun in the Florida Sun

After the NJ trip, Treveor flew home to California to defend his thesis proposal while I hitched a flight to Orlando with my sisters to visit my Dad, Step-mom, younger brothers, and step-grandparents.  They rented a house with plenty of bedrooms, a screened in pool, and a game room.  So we did plenty of sleeping, swimming,  game playing... and picture taking:

we are gorgeous!

Bridget and Jesse playing pool

Nancy and Colleen waiting their turns

Matt giving Josh a lesson in air hockey


Dad and Nonny

Colleen, Matt, Bridget and me

Tickle fest


Brother-in-law love


and brothers

Bring your own bottle night


Thanks for the bubbles, Tricia!

This is my favorite series of Jesse and Matt jumping... and Josh looking like he's going to barf...

Sam is ready for the under water world:

those poor little ears

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Matt and Sam

catching some shade

Taking a nap

Go Joshy, go!

the boys

Peeling the pink nail polish (which magically appeared while he was sleeping) off his big toe.


Bridget said...

Jesse and I are cracking up!! you make us laugh Ju!

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