Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Photo Contest, Part 4 (no, I am not done yet)

I may be a little delayed and disruptive in posting all of our glorious wedding photos.  For that I apologize.  But I am not done yet.  This is where it gets good.  Today's pictures are compliments of Serena, Treder, cousin Brian, Reni K-D, Renata, and throw in TrulieTrevin for good measure.

Another one of my favorite getting ready granny legs and sassy sisters:

Cocktail hour:
The soon to be next newly weds

Jay and Jojo had a baby, it's a Julie

In August of 2006, Trevor and I consolidated all our collective possessions into one 4'x8' foot uhaul trailer and a 2004 Toyota Corolla's trunk. Despite some serious consideration on my part about whether or not we really needed a box full of old wigs and masks, the costume box made it to grad school in California.  Seven years later we again consolidated all our collective possessions into another 4'x8' foot uhaul trailer and the same 2004 Toyota Corolla's trunk.  The costume box, now tripled in size, has made it back east.  Why not bring it to the wedding?

 The Epic Bridal Party Costume Entrance:

Sand, kegs, and costumes....yes, you could say I have had my dream wedding

Then I cut my dress.  Second best decision of my life (Here's winking at you Trevor ;)

"she turns my rain to rainbows"

Best first dance sequence:

Best last dance shot:

Best 2nd wedding reception dance:
And best high five

People kept asking me what my favorite part of the wedding was.  It was not the food I didn't eat, or the drinks I barely drank, or the music I was not paying attention to...  It was of course having all my favorite people under tent doing all of my favorite things: drinking, laughing, and dancing.  Then when my favorite people lifted me in the air  over and over again while they were laughing and drunk dancing... THAT was my absolute favorite part.

 Best in-the-air shots:

They even got Trevor up in the air:

This is why kids should not be allowed at parties when Julie and Trevor are drinking (but why we encouraged them to come):

They become our toys...  How high can I throw you ?

How fast do you spin?

How many can I carry?

This is another one of my favorite photos capturing why Jay couldn't walk the next day:
Jimmy looks like he's working hardest here

Creepiest table shot:

Creepiest man in corner shot:

Best use of costume shots:

Percy looks too comfortable


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