Thursday, November 14, 2013

Toe-Tripping, Lanky-Legged, Misguided Movements

Today I took my first Zumba class.  Zumba is a latin dance-inspired fitness class.  This is what I learned about Zumba:

1.  Zumba instructors are high on speed.

2.  My friend, Meg, would make an excellent Zumba dance instructor.  Meg is not high on speed, just high on life... and dances like a maniac very well.

2.  People who take Zumba are really professional dancers with other day jobs.

3.  If Zumba would like beginners to return for a second class, they should remove all mirrors and have individual rooms so no one else can see them "dancing."

What I learned about myself while "doing" Zumba:

1.  I am a horrific embarrassment to the art of Latin dance.

2.  I have two left feet.  Except for in the instance where the move requires your left foot, then I have two right feet.

3.  I cannot stay in place while Zumba-ing.  The lady said to spin around with your arms out to determine the circle of space which will be required to do this exercise.  I somehow found myself in all corners of the dance floor constantly bumping into my fellow zumba-ettes.

4.  I have no coordination between my arms and legs. I can "do" a move with my legs.  Once you add arms into the equation, my feet lose all control.

5.  I cannot tell left from right.


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