Monday, January 17, 2011

Travels and Tribulations

So I've been bad at blogging lately.  I've also been pretty bad at not losing things.... What can I say, I'm a loser.

Over Christmas vacation I lost my camera at Trevor's house.  I found it the next day only to lose it again the following day..... never to be found again  (...or at least until my sister, Colleen, found it last week).  I probably won't get it back until March, so I apologize for the lack of photos in the next 3 months of posts.

For New Year's Eve we flew to Denver who was also in the middle of a snow storm (we had 3 feet of snow in New Jersey) and record breaking low temperatures (in the minus during the day).  That night we saw Faceman perform at a bar downtown. 

This is Faceman's Face

This is the face of Faceman

 Faceman is our third wheel, Kevin's twin brother's band.   We took the train into the city to avoid driving.  While at the bar we left our coats and bags in a pile at the corner of the stage.  We had a great time during the show and at the end of the night we began collecting our things.  Everyone grabbed their coats but where is my coat?  Did I leave it here?  I thought I did.  My gloves are here.... well one's here and one's there.  They used to be in the sleeve of my coat..... uh oh,  my coat is gone! AND it's the coldest night ever in Denver.  And the trains are running so few and far between and the trains that do eventually come are crammed full of people.  We squish our way onto the last train of the night and make it home by 3:45am.  We left the bar around 12:45.  I am an ice cube.  Happy New Year. 

New Years Resolution # 1:  Buy a new coat.

The rest of the weekend we spent indoors at my Dad and Sally's house. 

We taught Matt how to play Angry Birds

And watched Mighty Machines with Samuel

The following Monday morning we headed to the Denver airport to fly home.  My cousin was also at my Dad's house the same weekend.  Her flight was leaving a couple hours before ours so we all went to the airport together.  Trevor and I had about 4 hours to kill before take-off.  We check our luggage and trek our carry-ons over to the terminal and park it.  We each have a backpack, I have a purse, Trevor the laptop bag.  We sit for awhile playing angry birds.  Then we get hungry. We grab the backpacks and the purse and head for some breakfast sandwiches.  We sit in a new spot and eat them.  We get bored.  We get up again and puruse the shops.  Then we go find some new seats.  Now we are boarding.   We are in the last zone called so we are the last group to board.  I sit down at the window seat as Trevor shoves some things in the overhead.  I ask him if he can please keep the laptop bag down by our feet because I have a book in there I want to read.  He looks at me with fear in his eyes. "Laptop bag? What laptop bag?  I don't have the laptop bag.  Don't you have the laptop bag?!"

Me: "What?! No. Crap!"

I grab my purse and go flying down the aisle to keep the flight attendent from closing the door.  The nasty lady at the front gives me a sneer "Ma'm you'll have to take your seat."  while I blabber on "I have to get off this plane, I left my bag in the terminal, I can't leave without it!!!"  She threatens "If you get off this plane you are not coming back on."  Me: "Sucks but bye!"  I know if I don't at least try to get that bag now, I will surely never see it again.....not the bag, not the laptop, not the kindle.......

I sprint down the walkway and break through the gate entrance where the man at the counter looks at me with wild eyes.  I see my laptop bag immediately, 10 ft the first set of seats we sat down in (about 4 hours ago!).  I say to him "I just forgot my bag, but see it's right there."  I get it and am back at the counter in 5 seconds, the door to the plane barely closed and I am begging that man to open the door and let me back on the plane.  "I'm sorry ma'm but we just can't let you on the plane.   Not with HER down there, anyway.  But I can put you on the next plane leaving tonight."  Me: "Tonight?!  It's noon.  I've been here since 8am.  All my belongings are on that plane.  My boyfriend's on that plane.  I have his house keys in my purse!"   (I'm lucky I at least took my purse off so if I did need to eat I could buy something.  I text Trevor  'I'll see you later tonight, they won't let me back on.'  I try not to cry.  The guy at the counter asks me to step aside so he can help the next person.  I am devastated. 

Then he gets a call.  I overhear him say, "Yes she's right here... Yep she found the bag.....Ok.....Ok... Ok.......Sure yea bye"  He hangs up.  Hands me my ticket and says, "GO!"  I never ran so fast in my life.  Back on the plane the nasty lady give me the dirtiest stink-eye ever and Trevor's expression was priceless...jaw dropped...confusion.  The flight attendent comes over to me and apologizes out the wazoo for the nasty lady's behavior and encourages me to write an official complaint.  Heh, I don't even care about her, I am just happy to be back on this plane and headed home!

So we survived the holiday trip and at least both of us made it back in one piece.  The laptop and kindle made it back.  The camera will be home shortly.  The coat, meh it's replaceable and besides it doesn't hold years and years of photographic memories.   Did I mention it was 78 degrees and not a cloud in the sky all weekend?  Who needs a coat anyway?

Travel-free for at least the next 3 months.   


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i talked to you twice since you've been home and you have failed to mention that story!! happy you made it back together :)

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