Monday, June 27, 2011

Livin the Life of Luxury

After 19 hours of waiting and or flying, I made it back to Copenhagen.  I can't even begin to emphasize how drastically different my arrival has been this time compared to last.  Last time it was cold, snowing, dark, I was alone, depressed, I was terrified.... This time it's warm and sunny, the sun sets after 10, and I am more excited than I thought I would be to be back, to get on the train again, to walk around aimlessly downtown, to see all the usual hotspots, and see some old familiar friends.  Everything seems all the more happy and exciting because it's warm, and crowded.  Other people are speaking English.  The city is teaming with tourists.  It honestly feels like a strange dream..... maybe it's because I am half asleep during the day due to jetlag, but regardless it is an odd surreal feeling.

I arrived at the airport and was picked up by an old co-worker.  We arrived at the new apartment to find out that, once again, the pictures I saw beforehand did not match the pictures sent to me prior to the visit.  My mind immediately went into "oh-sh*t-they're-gonna-stick-me-7-stories-high-and-make-me-shower-in-the-toilet-again" mode.  We found the correct address and went inside...  Phew....


dining area

living area

ground floor = no stairs

the sink is not in the shower

Separate shower = major upgrade

washer and dryer that do not need to hook up to the kitchen sink

bedroom is bigger than then bed

separate office

kids room... I don't know why either

Views from the old town

Driving around the city we spotted this bunch of rambunctious teens singing and waving off the back of a truck:

Apparently it's the senior class from the highschool who, according to tradition, rent a military truck and drive around to each students house for at least 15 minutes, drinking, dancing, and singing off the back of a truck:

I rolled my window down to capture the audio, squirted...

Taking the metro:


Gwen said...

I like that kids' room.

Valentin said...

Did you get those pics off of the IKEA homepage?

Trevor said...


Angie said...

Gorgeous apartment! Do you have to share with anyone?

joy said...

haha you got squirted.... without watching the video i only have my imagination to go by.... eeeeeeek

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