Friday, June 17, 2011

Trulie Livin' the Life with Jimmy & Sally

Trevor sleeps when he drives

The sun sleeps in the skies

the hills so bald and steep

provide a bed for the sun to sleep

There once were two doctors named Jimmy and Trevor

Who met these fine ladies, who're ever so clever

The boys put on their best show

Sally put on her rollar skates, whoa!

Sally proposed that Jimmy stop grading papers
 he agreed...
but the boys were quickly distracted by youtube...

....and gardening...

But eventually...

..Trevor and Julie...

..and Jimmy and Sally...

 got to go for a double date to the rope swing!

rope swing time

rope swing time

Sally Girl loves a rope swing time

rope swing time

rope swing time

Jimmy jams loves a rope swing rhyme

rope swing crime

rope swing time

Julie E. loves the rope swing time

rope swing times
rope swing rhymes

Teekibean loves his rope swing time

ok let's go

Time for the next date...

To impress the ladies, Trevor wripped this tree in half

Jimmy taught us about how trees grow

Sally was impressed

the trees not so much

Follow me guys, I'll show you where..

I wonder why trees grow?

Happy Salamander

Happy Jiggles

Have they left yet?


pine cones

Let's find a good spot to drink some wine

here?....nope, not yet...

this looks like a good spot


wine time

oh hey

oh hi


Let's go home

which way is home?

What are the boys doing?

the road less traveled...
 Home. House party. Home
jam time

Who's a happy dog?

Shell Bells

The End..... of day one.


Nancy said...

Looks like fun!

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