Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Lovin'....Had Me a Glass

I love love LOVE Copenhagen in the summertime.  The sun sets for about 3 hours each night.  Everyone is out jogging or riding a bike.  And despite the insane amount of work ahead of us, people at work seem rather happy.  A line in the meeting minutes reads:  "due to the pleasant weather and the appearance of the sun 'so and so' has taken the day off."  I love the appreciation that Danes have for relaxation and mental sanity.  I could get used to it.  I would love to get used to it.

Additional information I learned about Danish high school graduations... each Danish graduate gets a hat for graduation.  No gown.  The hat looks sort of like a sea captain hat or a pilot hat.  Depending on their religion they have a different symbol on the front.  The students' heads are measured to get a hat that fits.  The students with the largest and smallest heads are expected to buy something for everyone.  That something is often beer.

The legal drinking age in Denmark is 16 for alcohol above 1,3% and bellow 16,5% and 18 for alcohol above 16,5%.  You have to be 18 for to buy alcohol in bars, restaurants and discos. There is no age limit for drinking at home.  Facts courtesy of wikipedia (and yes they say bellow and not below on wikipedia).

Down the street from the apartment is a grassy park that spreads out down the water's side.  It is full of people picnicing, bbqing, drinking, laying out, playing games.  Fun times indeed.... 


Nancy said...

Sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

I knew you'd like DK in summer. How funny are those hats. Have you seen any of the trucks/wagons go by filled with students partying yet?

Anonymous said...

Don't get too comfortable there...we already miss you here! Oh yeah, it was FINALLY sunny in Carp!

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