Sunday, December 11, 2011

Life is a joke

I told Trevor I met a woman on the airplane who was a clinical psychologist at the University of Michigan.  Trevor asked me how I started talking to her.  I replied "Meh, we were just shooting the shit on line for the toilet..."    heh, sounds interesting....

A man named Bell invented the hard-shell taco and started a taco fast food chain named Taco Bell.  

In Australia they have a Mexcellent restaurant named Taco Bill.

Bill Bell played the tuba

Ya know those round bails of hay you sometimes see in the fields out in the country?
Did you hear how PETA's trying to ban them?
Yea, cause the animals can't get a square meal out of them!

(Delivery is everything)

So a dyslexic man walked into a bra...

How do you tell a smart cow from a dumb cow?
The smart cows are out standing in their field

What do you call a cow sitting down?
ground beef

Ya know why sheep aren't so musically talented?
Cause they only know one baa

Additionally, I bought these pants, and I love them:


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